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    Aegean Eagles are recruiting players of all nationalities

    Aegean Eagles are once again active. After a big break of about four years many of our old raiding team's members have returned to the game rejuvenating the kinship. The Eagles have always been focusing on PvE counting a lot of end-game content successes in both Gilrain (where they were founded being one of the very first kinships to complete a full clear of the Rift during SoA) and Snowbourn (where they moved at Moria's launch to continue their journey by achieving to get the Watcher, DN and later on BG on farm mode) servers.

    We're up and running instances with the help of some friends who share our raiding mentality and thirst. For now our eye is fixed on the tier two 12-man challenges that most of us missed during their absence (OD, Erebor, ToO deed runs) while Deeping Wall, scaled BG, OD disease+poison t2c, which is our latest achievement (our thanks to Taters for their great contribution on mastering the tactics in there), scaled Helegrod and all 6 and 3-man content is being farmed regularly. Our initial forum has been revamped, a new teamspeak 3 channel has been created and a basic raiding schedule has been decided.

    Whoever is interested in learning more about the Eagles or joining our raids and runs can visit our renovated forum here ( http://aegeaneagles.forumotion.com/ - it's still written mainly in our native language, pardon us for that) or address in-game any of the following:

    Kostasev/Kostas-1/Magiklove/Vlaxosgr (leader)
    Koukouldor/Arcangelor (officer)
    Arthouros/Gadalf/Bombba/Fonos (officer)
    Oveldir/Yelloweagle (officer)
    Themistoklis/Hallirond/Pitbullis/Tyrmpouson/Magsig/Spithalin/Armariel (officer)

    Just to get it out of peoples' system...
    tzatziki, souvlaki, kalamari.

    Catch you in-game folks.

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    'Greek Announcement: ?? AEGEAN EAGLES, ?? ???? ???????? kinship ??? Snowbourn (R10) ???????? ??? ???? ??????????? level ??? playstyle (Casual/PvP/Raid). ?????????????? ? ????? ??? ?????? ???????????. ??? ??????????? ????????????? ?? ???? officers ??? (Arthouros/Tsapuil/Petrinimli/Katero).'
    Oh freddled gruntbuggly, thy micturations are to me as plurdled gabbleblotchits on a lurgid bee.

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    Greek Version

    A new raiding schedule has been set . We'll be raiding at Friday nights starting around 20:30 pm (GMT+2). Recruitment is currently open.

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    To get people who share the same mentality and playstyle in game together, a chat channel has been created last week and many people have already embraced it!

    As a result, in the 4th day of its creation a successful raid was formed last Friday. People from various kinships joined the raid, completing successfully OD T2c disease and poison wings.

    People in the channel are active all week, doing all king of group T2c content in the game (I would say in a more challenging way, like doing all 6man t2c instances successfully without healer/rk and sometimes not even capt, with just a lm). Another successful DW raid was also created by Teucros during the weekend.

    We would like to thank everyone who is part of this effort and joined the channel.


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    Recruitment update

    Recruitment is now open to all nationalities, levels and classes. We're a PvE focused kinship raiding weekly. At the moment all end-game content is on farm mode except for Erebor 12mans and Gortheron wing in OD, on which we're currently working. Learn more about us or apply to join by visiting our forum ( http://aegeaneagles.forumotion.com/ ) or contacting in-game any of the following:

    Yelloweagle / Oveldir
    Koukouldor / Arcangelor
    Teucros / Psorokostaina
    Themistoklis / Hallirond / Pitbullis
    Arthouros / Bombba / Gadalf

    Small update concerning Eagles+friends PvE progress.

    Latest achievements:

    -OD Wound+Fear and Gortheron wings t2c
    -Deeping Wall raid 6-man full platinum completion

    Thanks for baring with us through all that wiping.
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    Greetings all,

    Small update concerning the kin's recruitment status:

    Due to an overflow of kinship invitations the last few weeks...

    Recruitment is currently closed to Hunters, Rune-keepers, Burglars,
    limited towards Minstrels, Champions, Guardians, Wardens , Captains,
    highly open to Beornings, Lore-masters.

    Visit http://aegeaneagles.forumotion.com/t...cruitment-info for more feedback.

    We still actively host our inter-kinship raiding channel for our raiders pool and run challenging content at least once a week (fixed raids every Friday night). Everything at level cap except for Erebor t2c is on farm mode.
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    big big gratz to Etzian Iglis for the amazing recruitments and OP players!

    Gu kibum kelkum-ishi, burzum-ishi... akha-gum-ishi ashi gurum...

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    Aegean Eagles with the help of good raiders and friends from Eagles channel coming from all the still actively PvEing server's kinships have successfully completed Flight to the Lonely Mountain tier 2 challenge.

    Congratulations to everybody involved. Looking forward to more high end-game action.

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    We are very happy to announce that as of the 13th of November 2015 Aegean Eagles and Eagles raiding channel have successfully completed all LOTRO PvE 100lvl challenge marked content after getting down the last tiring fight of Battle for Erebor tier 2 challenge, which took us admittedly quite a few wipes.

    Our thanks and congratulations to all kinship members and Eagles raiding channel members for baring with us through all that wiping. especially in Erebor.


    As it has already been announced in previous threads of both Snowbourn and Evernight forums we are moving to Evernight somewhere between 13 and 14 of December 2015 supposed server transfers open and operate as scheduled.

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    Good luck Eagles and all the best. I'll miss you Skare, ya geet knacka.



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