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    2014 Spring Festival Cosmetic Rewards

    Here are screenies of the new 2014 Spring Festival rewards. In each set, you'll see the default colors of each piece to the left and a version dyed red to the right. As with the pattern established by the past several festivals, no dress or tunic...just a reskinned robe and "tablecloth" steed.

    Trellis-weave Robe (18 Spring Leaves)

    Trellis-weave Cloak (15 Spring Leaves) and the Hooded Trellis-weave Cloak (15 Spring Leaves)

    Steed of Spring Gardens (40 Spring Leaves) and the worn Trellis-weave Caparison (20 Spring Leaves)

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    Admittedly, the detailing on the textures is very pretty.

    Would be nice to see a little more variety in the styles, though. The war-steed cosmetic system, in particular, is missing a lot of good non-caparison components.
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    Too much patterns for my taste. Didn't like it, didn't want it.



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