I have a question concerning what authority the Third Age Dúnedain would, or might, have had. I am of the opinion that they represented the highest authority as pertains to matters of the war - but tended to stay out of "local crime and politics" - and would consider themselves above local authority should the crime(s), or criminal, pertain to servants or actions of Sauron or Saruman. I take this opinion from the following article and would like other opinions as well.


I don't believe they would force their views on others, like folks in Bree, for example. However, if, say, they had tracked a servant of Sauron to Bree and intended to arrest (or kill, if necessary) this person - after informing the Mayor of their intent - that they would be well within their rights to do so. If this person had, somehow, gained the trust of the Mayor who then told the Rangers they couldn't arrest the man, I still believe they would feel they had the right to do so, regardless of the Mayor's flawed trust.

Does this seem reasonable from a lore perspective?

Thanks for any replies.