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This works for me!

I've deleted and redownload 5 or 6 times file client_surface.dat + 2 clean installation on two diferent hdd partitions.
Every time client_surface.dat had different size. I think this is right size Lotro works!!

I hope this could help you all.
how exactly do you find that file? I've hit show package contents on the app and looked through everything. Also tried going to all the folders listed in the wiki (https://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Mac..._.dat_files.3F) and can't find it. Ive already dowloaded the the app once, and when i couldn't get it to work i hit repair so its int the process of redowloading everything. Its trying to download Client_surface_aux.1.dat which is 2487mb and had twice gotten to 99% dowloaded only to completely start back over at 0%. So maybe that file isn't on my computer yet, idk.