Hey everyone! I am Rippjaw-warg, Olorr-Captain, Bromlen-minstrel and numerous alts(Brandywine Server). I've been playing for a few years but have never posted on the forums, although I am a serial lurker here. I just want to thank the PvP community on Brandywine for the fun times recently. I just came back to Lotro after a long break from the game and have brought along my 7yr old and 9yr old sons with me as well as my best friend and his 10yr old son (he's our tribe leader). The kids enjoyed doing some low level quests as freeps but became bored quickly so we tried monster play and they have had a blast. We don't mind dying so when you freeps bring the pain we welcome it. A few freeps have really made the moors and interesting place. I would like to thank the burglars especially Jugglez, Enigmatiik and Buriedalive for popping up when we are least expecting it and reminding us that we are in a PvP zone...well done, Thotcriminal, Desolates, Yellowcab, Bluesaphires and so many more people we have fought against recently have really made for fun times. The fights we have had open field or on GV hill have been exciting for the kids and we have had even more fun when you guys break through and start taking keeps and outposts. So even though I'm old hat PvE, I'm new to PvMP and I want to thank you guys for all the fun times recently. I wish I could remember more of your toons names but alas my memory isn't what it used to be. If you see me or any of the "Bane of Free Peoples" tribe on go ahead and give it your best shot to send us to the rez circle. We are still learning the ropes but we are getting the hang of it, and we may surprise you. I tip my glass to you folks...now let's have fun.