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Thread: Hobbit Outfit

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    Hobbit Outfit

    Ok i'm not the most LOTR lore wise guy around however, Hobbits were know to wear bright and multi-coloured garbs?

    I am playing a male hobbit minstrel and really want some bright outfits ideas please.

    If anybody could post some pics or point me to some outfits available (Am only level 22 but all level of gear welcome)

    Thanks in advance
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    Yes, you are right. Hobbits preferred to clothe themselves in warm colors reminiscent of the seasons. Burgundy, deep orange, pine green, all were worn.

    If you are looking for multicolored that makes your eyes pop initially, I would check out the Fine Shirt and Pants and the Fancy Shirt and Pants. Both are available from outfitters, Bree, I think. From the hobbit-angle side of things, I would pick a plain pair of pants (Resilient Trousers, Quilted Leggings, etc.), mess around with dyes, and pick a nice looking chestpiece to match. Unfortunately LotRO does not have tux-like coats layered over shirts yet. You could also visit some cosmetic outfit blogs, like The Starry Mantle, Cosmetic Lotro, Wandering Around Arda, and Material Middle Earth. Click on the hobbit tag or minstrel tag somewhere on the site and look for inspiration.

    From the minstrel point of view, I instantly think ROBES. Lots and lots of ROBES. Fortunately, many robes in LotRO have very nice colors. Check the AH a lot, and use the Dressing Room (ctrl + shift + left click on pic of armour) to preview the stuff in Light Armour Chest. Two of my favorite robes are the Ceremonial Robe of the Seven Stars (Annuminas light) and the Tawarwaith Robe (Malledhrim light). Mess around with dyes and just look around. You'll find something. Happy outfitting
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    I'm going to have to make a male Hobbit at some point. I have every other combination of race and gender! I wish I could be helpful with some personal suggestions

    However, I do have two tag-specific links to other cosmetic blogs that indeed feature male hobbits. Odds are you'll find the older outfits will suit your current level, Ningoril.


    Good luck

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    thank you both kindly, exactly what I was after.

    The pippin outfit looks brill as does many of the others! will have a play around online and put my own twist on things but just perfect!
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