The problem with Hobnanigans is that it takes 6 people to start a game. You can't force people to play with others, it just doesn't happen. Every other event that happens in lotro land has individual quests and tasks that people can do solo, or with a buddy or two (3 man min). But Hobnanigans has nothing for the solo or small group. Our Kinship, Faramir's Army is one of the largest kinships on the Winfola server and it took all night to get 12 people to sign up and play a game on the big field.

What happened during our first kinship run 12 man game?

It bugged out when the chicken got stuck high in the sky and never came down. So, we ran it again.

What happened during our second kinship run 12 man game?

The chicken got stuck again outside the field of play next to the quest guy and no one could get the chicken back in play again.

So, after that, no one ran the 12 man hobnanigans again because the game mechanics are bugged for games involving many players. When the chicken wasn't out of play, then it quickly got kicked into a wall and seemed to stick to it like glue. So, will any kinship ever try to run another Hobnanigans 12 man game again? No. It simply isn't worth it until the bugs are fixed.

So what about the smaller fields? Well, you still need 6 people for that too don't ya?

Conclusion: So, the kinship event is not worth it because of bugs, the 6 man fields are full of alts because it takes too long to wait for 6 people to start a game, and there is nothing for the solo player to do in this event. What does this mean? Hobnanigans is in need a redesign and a lot of work. Right now, it is more exclusive than inclusive.