Gaming companies are looking to exploit when releasing unfinished, unpolished, buggy games..'
You know that Lotro's engine is 7 years old right?

Do you want me or anyone else naming 7 year old games that run well? There are shooters taht are 10 yrs old and run well. Its optimization. Its either done, or not done well.
From mister pew pew came info that you should use nvidia and never cpu. I suggest to look whats official min req for the game are, and try to play it. Its abit funny experience. Core 2 duo at 1,6 ghz ram at 800. Dunno, but can lotro be ever finished?
The cost involved and player base actually paying, may be the real reasons that areas are done and dumped. So mounted combat is still pretty silly in places like wildemore. Still is, and will be.

- Bree-Town's quality
I agree on that. Not overdone, but working. Now, why there is no quick travel to Quickbeam? Ahh i dont care..

- Monsterplay's improvements
Really? Until freep main healers can be oneshotted - twoshotted, while healing, thats minis and runekeepers, i just dont play. Or pay. I find its not for me. Sorry.

"hey, if you ignore all the glitches, and bugs, badly written dialog, bad cut-scenes, horrible graphics, this game im playing is just phenomenal!"
Btw, if you find this game unfinished, unpolished, buggy etc. Why do you even care about it then? o;
Like ppl have played for years until hd and well, what a mess it is now. Fewer ppl in game is just plain bad. Why less players you may ask.

I find doing your best is all you can do. And seeing that is great.
Well. From what iv seen, they can do alot better. If they want to. But iam not sure is it financially viable to have heavyweights on lotro at this faze anymore.