Hello all. I am Grombr. I have made a new tribe called Conscripts of the Witch King. We're looking for highly active players who play around 25+ hours a week. I am looking to build a PvP team of 6 to start out. This is for the more hardcore players that play a little bit more often than the casual player and like to learn more about their class and improve every day. These toons need to be your main or close to it, because as I said, we're looking for highly active players that know their class. Once I start filling the different roles we need we will stop looking for certain classes, because we want to grow together as a team and tribe, but as of right now we need:

Blackarrow x 2
Spider x 2
Warleader x 2
Defiler x 2
Warg x 1

There are certain rules that come with the tribe, so this is definitely not for everyone. For example: rez camping, zerg-phoning, Corpse-Jumping, spying and GV camping are not allowed along with the other more obvious rules that Turbine has set in play like exploiting or clubbing. If you're a new player who is afraid of not being let in because you are a lower rank, don't let that discourage you from trying to join. I can work with you on getting your maps/audacity up as long as you meet the other requirements and follow the rules. We are currently flooded with reavers at the moment (huge surprise right?) so we are not looking for those as much. So, contact me in game on Grombr on the creep side if you are interested in joining and we can have a talk. Cya later!