This to all members of the kinship Army of the Free Peoples, as of now, Army of the Free Peoples will be disbanding. It is do to the fact that there not that many members active during the kin and many have been gone for at least 200 days. I only see about 2 to 3 people active during the week and only 4 active on the weekends. The Kinship will only be active for only this week until friday. A letter was sent out on Sunday, April 27, 2014 about the disbandment and future plans of the kinship. I will be making a new kinship ( name has not been decided yet) And we will be recruiting for at least 1 to 2 weeks, posts will be on glff channel, region channel, and OCC channel. Our story for this kinship started in 2009. I took leadership in 2011 when I entered Moria, and I have rebuilt this kinship from scratch as the previous leader decided to go to another server. From that time I have gained and lost friends. Henryk, Redpanther, Nightarcher, Beserky11, Perth, Rathrek, and many others! Through my time leading this kinship through the adventures and challenges that we pressed towards, I have gained,lost,conquered,and defeated many things along side my kinsman that I consider my family on this server. As you know everyone that was in the kinship I made it clear that we treat each other like family, and help each other out no matter how difficult the challenge was and to always speak your mind! Now that our family story comes to a close at the walls of Helms Deep and the downfall of Isengard, a new kinship will be born....and another story with new members to the family will join us in that story with new adventures! With new challenges! With new areas! So through this letter I send not a goodbye but a warm welcome to embrace the new perils that lay ahead of us as we press into gondor. If you wish to follow me and continue our adventure through middle earth to create our new adventures and stories I will be glad and will welcome you with open arms once more. Add me as a friend and look for my recruitment. So in my last words of my speech I only say this, "Our story has not come to a end just yet, it has only just begun just with a new beginning!".