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    Red face House Valantris (Laurelin)

    IC: "Hail to the Dwarrows! I come bearing word, word that holds word in it... As such, our peoples have been divided. Mutinized and wrecked into an abundance of hatred for one and another! The days of our ancestors, of Durin the Deathless, our other forefathers and Valantris the Great are gone! The great days... Until now. Now, from the blood and the lines of the Valantris family has arisen a new Dwarf, one with the mind of his forefathers - with the wisdom of the wise and the heart of steel!"

    House Valantris is a new kinship on Laurelin based on the aspect of a dwarven clan. We're a rank 4 (currently), Medium to Heavy RP kinship welcoming players to join into a new kinship. If your character is working for work/a job or a family to belong with then we're you're kinship! We're currently accepting all levels and classes but only dwarves, men and hobbits into House Valantris!

    Are you new to RP?
    Don't worry! We accept new RP-ers as well as expierienced RPers!

    Is this kinship just an RP one?
    Well, generally we're mainly an RP kinship. But we're a very friendly group of people and are happy enough to help out with questing, crafting and anything else that's outside of RP too!

    What sort of RP are we doing in House Valantris at the moment?
    At the moment, we're doing an RP investigating an inscription which has an involvement with Valantris himself and also RPs concerning our family. We have other great ideas for RPs and RP events to do also.

    If you're intrested or got any questions, please make sure to contact - Brookin, Salgalin or Garmorn online or you can ask questions in this thread. And you can also check out our LA page: http://laurelinarchives.org/node/23059.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this thread!
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