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Thread: Doubt

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    Hi, so, i used to play a few years ago, like 4 or so, at that time i bought Moria and now i´m kinda back, i created a char in another server cause Windfola is almost empty, i´m in Landroval or something like that, the thing is, i have to buy everything again? i mean, i have to buy Moria pack?

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    According to your join date, you are using a brand new empty account instead of your older account which has account wide content unlocks like Moria.

    You need to find the correct Turbine account name and password. If you can't remember, contact Turbine Account Management with your ownership information such as real name, street address ...
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    Expansions and quest packs are Account-level options, so you buy them anywhere, and they apply to all servers.
    Same with Classes, Shared Bank, Wardrobe, and extra Character Slots, to name a few.

    So if you bought the Moria expansion, you should have access to that, Warden and Rune-keeper classes,
    plus have the extra two character slots. If you bought Moria after the launch of F2P, your account
    should be marked as "Premium", as well.

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    well i´m on that acc and i don´t have the extra slots or the classes like rune-keeper, but I bought Moria for 1,495, now it´s about 2k

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    Definitely worth contacting customer service about - if you have the email that you get from the store when you buy something, that would be ideal.

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    i normally delete all the mails, but for some reason i do have that one XD... i guess i´ll try that then, thnx



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