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    Filter for NPC /say chat

    I see, a new thread about this once a year!

    Excerpts from earlier:

    Hi! Walking through Bree or similar populated area, I always end up with a full page or two of NPC chat spam - the Drama bit perhaps. I've tried various chat filter settings and as far as I can see I have to remove the Say - the general chat - to get rid of the repeat mindless npc nonsense.

    Am I missing some option where I can separate what gamers around me say from what the NPCs say? It's like having spam bots in a game without gold seller site spam.
    It's hard to filter out NPC chatting - specifically in Hobbiton and in part of Bree. It would be neat with a filter option (I may have missed such a chat filter - if so please ignore this). Chat box is full of messages about pie fillings and burned farms - it's nice and fun the first time but not the a hundred times later, or a thousand. It's not even interesting to read the chit-chat the second time around.
    It creeps me out a bit when town crier of Michel Delving starts talking about Mordirith, would be nice to be able to block that bit of chat in /say. Same goes for many NPCs across the game, who mindlessly repeats the same things over and over. It's not bad really, just an irritant. Perhaps a separate channel for it? Just like you'd want to block out any other machine generated spam.
    Not many places are very bad in this way: the pies of Michel Delving, the revelers by boats to Mirkwood, that quest guy midway through Mirk who can't be accessed when he talks and he talks a while every 10-20 seconds, festival NPCs (could present a problem for dance emote quest I guess but floating text above NPC fixes that).
    It's not a big thing, just a constant nagging that wears you down =)
    Recently visited an event at the Part Tree, every few seconds an NPC says
    Party Planner says, ''All of these tables must be immaculate for the party!''
    and there's a several lines long conversation with another NPC.
    These chats are sometimes useful once in the game, like the hint of a quest in Bree (something about burning a farm?) or the shockingly spammy Lorien party people (making 24-Hour Party People blush because this is truly incessant). Once only. Usually not even useful when you make an alt and revisit the area.
    It's not a huge thing but would make a very very very very very nice change to the feel of the game. NPCs who spam in chat bubbles are awesome. Nothing shows in /say. No pie spam, no mindless chitchat. Remove it or add a filter option. It's been a couple of years since I personally suggested it and many others have too. Do it!

    [04/30 09:56:48 AM] Maud Foxglove says, ''Yes, can I help you?''
    [04/30 09:57:50 AM] Tad Gardener says, ''Can I help the next in line, please?''
    [04/30 09:59:55 AM] Maud Foxglove says, ''Next, please!''
    [04/30 10:00:26 AM] Maud Foxglove says, ''Next person please!''
    [04/30 10:00:33 AM] Tad Gardener says, ''Next person please!''
    [04/30 10:00:35 AM] Thimbletub says, 'what is promotion point'
    [04/30 10:00:39 AM] Maud Foxglove says, ''Can I help the next in line, please?''
    [04/30 10:00:52 AM] Tad Gardener says, ''Can I help the next in line, please?''
    [04/30 10:01:01 AM] Maud Foxglove says, ''Can I help the next in line, please?''
    [04/30 10:02:01 AM] Maud Foxglove says, ''Can I help the next in line, please?''
    [04/30 10:02:19 AM] Tad Gardener says, ''Next, please!''

    Spot the place where the somewhat beginner missed the /advice channel and popped a question in /say?
    This always bugs me: real people try to chat and get spammed up by NPCs
    Michel Delving, Bree, Esteldin, Aldburg -- they're everywhere, with automated chat, in same channel as the Nearby /say for player characters.

    I'd like to have a filter for NPC chat, so I can opt to display what gamers say and at the same time filter out rancid pies, creepy shouts about Mordirith and all the ''Next person please!''
    The Moria guides standing around giving directions - whatever one may feel about them being there, they get one thing right: their chat only displays as chat bubbles.

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    Agree. There should be a separated chat channel for NPC's saying, not only for avoiding npc's flooding our chatbox (especially when they speak fast), but also for people who don't want to miss what the npc's chat during a heat of battle.
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    Oh please oh please make this a thing.

    As much as I laugh every time I hear the hobbit say he's on an adventure because he's paddled all the way from Frogmorton, most of the time I just want to be able to ignore the sayings of NPCs. Some things that NPCs say don't go into the log, though I can't provide an example right now.
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    Yes, I do find the npc spam taking over at times. (Bree Vault was a good example that I have encountered a few times.)

    I actually didn't enable timestamps. (I've been tempted, but for the most part those haven't really been needed.) In your example they seem to make every line of text identical... (A question for developer/QA consideration: Would it help if timestamps were at the end of a text, instead of identically in the front? (Just pondering... either way, I agree npcs yak more than needed.)

    The only exception that I can think of is the Farmer's festival, when we sort of need to hear/read the npc's spam, but all in all. I wouldn't mind more atmospheric npcs to be limited to chat bubbles.
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    This would be awesome, agreed. I would love to see this happen.

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    I actually use the NPC say channel in a couple of instances because the bosses comments regarding their attacks comes through in the "say" channel as well. For example, in Sammath Gul, the first boss that uses fire and has 2 different group attacks -- I find it easier to watch the say channel to see who he targeted than trying to watch over his head all of the time (since my view angle moves and his head's not always in the same place, but my chatbox is!). Same basic idea when battling the first boss in Moria's Foundry that makes you run out of LoS to avoid his hit. The giant...Helf? at the end of Iorbar's Peak has a couple of attacks that trigger by or are connected to what he says as well.

    Of course, when I'm not in an instance like that, then indeed the constant recording of repetitive and fairly unhelpful NPC chatter does get to be kind of a pain. Perhaps the Boss attacks could be left in "say" but the others were taken out into their own filter.



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