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    Outfits that look good on dark-skinned Men?

    I recently created a character that was a Race of Men burg. I made him have dark black-brown hair with copper-colored skin, not African, but a far cry from white. More Latino I think. But I have been trying different outfits on him and cannot find anything that looks good with his skin tone except black. Burglars go with black, so I am making do, but I'm still frustrated with strict outfit color limitations. None of the mannequins look good, his copper skin tone just looks weird with the blue ranger look and the archer look, and everything. Any cosmetic experts have tips?

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    I went through Cosmetic LOTRO and plucked a couple of outfits that look quite good on darker-skinned avatars. It's hard to tell specifically how something will look unless you try it on your character but I think these could give some color inspiration:

    Roof-runner - Black and red, very burglar-y
    Isen ranger - lots of olive and a dark-ish beige, could also work as a burglar (think camouflage)
    Bannergaurd - Not very burglar-y but the browns, yellows and greens really suit the character's skin tonw

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    I often gravitate towards neutrals (grey, umber, sienna) combined with olive or ranger green. The dunland pieces are great for this, and I think the T9 crafted medium armor might also work, if you're able to work with the undyable green and black bits.

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    I think that crimson, burgundy (maybe?), olive or more neutral colours will look the best on him.
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    Perhaps take inspiration from the Haradhrim and the Easterlings (in game and in the movie!) since they tended to be darker.



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