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Thread: Ignore the pain

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    Ignore the pain

    I've got rank 1 ignore the pain. It removes one of each condition or UP to one of each condition?

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    Until you spend trait points in the skill it removes one wound, fear, disease, or poison, not one of each. Traiting it increases the total amount of debuffs it cures, or four total, not four of each.

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    Thanks but it always work? it took me 3 casts to get rid of a single curable wound debuff. No other condition was present.

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    I'm assuming you're referring to the movement debuff Hamstring(?). If so, then I've had issues removing it with abilities on other classes, similar to Ignore the Pain.

    Thus, I think the debuff stacks, but only one is visible. Thus, when you use your ability to try to remove it, only one is removed and the other(s) remain.
    Regardless, this is not an issue that's isolated to the Guardian Ignore the Pain ability.

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    There are actually all kinds of bleeds and debuffs that you can not remove with Ignore the Pain. Some of them say they can't be removed in a description (either on the tooltip when you hover over it or in a skill's description if it is placed by another player), but there are quite a few that can't be removed and there is no known reason why. One I can think of off hand is a debuff that gives you +50% incoming damage that is placed on me a few times in every sword halls run. In PvMP, most spider stuff can be removed as can fire arrow damage, but only one of the reaver bleeds (that I know of) and pretty much nothing that a warg does to you. I might be wrong about something in there, as it could be based on having more than one warg put the same debuff on you as said above. However, there are a lot of debuffs and some bleeds that can not be removed at all that don't specify any reason. Just a matter of learning which ones by experience and then spamming Ignore the Pain half the time anyway.

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    Made some tests and i have an issue with "Crippled". Is curable and has no tiers but seems HaleElven is right. Sometimes i needed 3 casts, sometimes 4, sometimes 1, perhaps because i've got multiple stacked copies of the debuff. I'll send a /bug, thanks all for the help

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    I have noticed this also. If you check the Combat Log after using Ignore the pain it says Crippled was cured but it wasn't. It takes 2 or 3 uses to remove it sometimes.

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    Something else it won't cure is slows from wargs, found this out doing the new crafting instances. I have no problem removing these with my RK first time but the guard will not remove it no matter the amount of times I use ignore the pain and I've got it maxed out.



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