I would like to purchase this steed from the LotrO store. I have the $ ready to do so. I cannot justify it until the following is addressed.

In ROR when warsteeds were added, we all thought 'if a store mount doesnt have a WS trait set it's coming. Aside from the ones added at launch, none of the old ones to my knowledge ever had them added EXCEPT for the Reviler's steed.

Here's the strange thing. The only way to get the WS appearance was from a random drop from a time-limited quest in the anniversary. The envelope quest.

Purchasers of this mount for TP should get the WS traits automatically. If you want to continue to have the WS bundle as a rare reward you can find, great, but it should be included with the cash purchase. Especially because travel mounts have little utility once you reach Rohan.

I acknoweldge this will take a game update to accomplish. Tell me it's going to happen, and I'll reconsider my decision.

Offer to bring back the mounts for another time limited availability to purchase once you get it done, and I still think you'll get some people willing to make the plunge now and wait for the WS trait to come later.