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    Quieting ...... Still broke for many of my toons

    My guard - who other then the very first day he went there, has had the quieting quests be broken. Today my cappy found them broken as well, and my hunter.

    Can someone please tell me that Turbine is working on fixing this???

    For any that do not know what I mean. When the quest line is broken you see all 6 of the daily's with the Pending thing in front and no count down timer on the other side.

    This is what it looks like. Note the crafting quest I did shows pending but with the timer till I can do it again.

    it was discussed in this post;


    Where sap said,

    Quote Originally Posted by Sapience View Post
    Could you guys send me a PM with the name of the character, and the server you're on, where you're having this issue?
    I sent him a PM with that info but to no avail.

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    They've said in that thread (or another) it'll be fixed in update 13.1 whenever that is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nostro44 View Post
    They've said in that thread (or another) it'll be fixed in update 13.1 whenever that is.
    Ok. At this point I'm kind of indifferent to this whole zone and its problems. I guess it is a good thing that every complains that the recipes and such are way over priced. I can just ignore the whole place and go about my business.

    I now have 7 toons that are un able to get the daily quieting. Which is completely laughable.



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