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Thread: Adoption?

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    Smile Adoption?

    Hi everyone!
    I've been wondering lately if anyone bothers to do adoption of other players? It seemed to me that it's more likely done by friends or family members who play LOTRO together. But my curiosity is in whether or not non-related players have gone into this relationship set-up and had success with it. Since there is really no play benefit beyond a title, there must be a level of intent and commitment to each other for these players. Does anyone have experience with being adopted or adopting someone? How well have you gotten along with your parent/child? I tried to find the right place to post this by doing a Google search and the commonly used results came up with words like "remove", "delete" and "undo" which got me thinking that a lot of these relationships must fizzle out or get really negative and are not really something to strive towards unless you know that person for real, not just in the game. I've taken a lot of Psych courses in school so that probably explains why I'm inquisitive about this . Just wanted to get somebody's take on it and understand better.

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    In a former kinship, several of the players enjoyed the RP aspects of the adoption option and I was "adopted" into the family tree. Personally I didn't see any benefit or hindrance from this aspect of the game. Later on, I moved out of the kinship and dropped the connection because it didn't seem proper to maintain it anymore. It gave those players the opportunity to pick someone else.

    Other than RP I've no idea what benefit it might have and I'm not very good at RP.
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    Adoption is a nice little touch. When I started playing I found a lovely friendly kin who I felt very welcome in, but a couple of months later I discovered that a very dear RL friend also played on my server. I didn't want to dump my kin and join his, so I had him adopt my main as his daughter his char is a hobbit so it goes some way to explain how my main - an elf - ended up with a hobbit house in Michel Delving
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    I did it with a couple of characters years ago, but I haven't seen anyone with an adoption title for years. About 6 or 7 years ago I saw someone named Necessity, Mother of Invention. Got a good laugh out of me.
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    Talking Good stuff so far...

    Hi guys! Thanks for the posts so far. So, I'm learning that this is mostly something that goes on in a kin. I've gotten a lot of kin invites but I always turn them down because I don't have the time and figure I'll just be dead weight. I've friended a couple players but they ended up being even less frequent players than me so we unfriended. I think I've learned a thing or two about how adoption has been working. Thanks again and keep 'em coming in case others want to learn!

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    I have tried to adopt a kinmate... but it says incompatible.... don't get it...

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    I wish it wasn't adoption, but you could label someone as family. I have many characters, some I RP as sisters. That's all RP though, as there's no IG means of making someone sibling, only a child.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hunniebeenikki View Post
    I have tried to adopt a kinmate... but it says incompatible.... don't get it...
    You have to be different generations. The person doing the adopting needs to have a lower generation number than the adoptee. Try generations 1 and 2 to start with.
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    My main adopted 2 characters. I occasionally see them around the game, exchange a friendly "Hi Son" / "Hi Mom" greeting, and chat for a bit. Once we even grouped for a couple instances I would never have otherwise even have tried to do...
    I've never met these 2 in RL, they're from Europe, I believe Denmark. Our original meeting was by chance, one was looking for someone to help him with his "revive someone x million times" deed, and I was bored enough that evening to volunteer to die for him. By the time we finished that, I had met his friend, who, it turned out, was trying to collect ores for some crafting lvls. Still being kind of bored, I jumped on my main, collected a bunch, and sent them to him. That was when the idea of adoption came up.

    For us, it's a very loose relationship. I see when they're on, as I assume they see when I am, but we don't usually go looking for each other. Sometimes we'll send a tell, though usually we don't, it's just nice to kind of know they're there. ( hmm... this is much like my relationship with my RL sons... funny, that... )

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    Red face

    I only adopted to get the title
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    As my main is a hobbit I'd like to seem them put in "Cousins" but also "Second Cousin", "Third Cousin" and of course the required "Once Removed", "Twice Removed" etc. That way we can get some proper family trees established!

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    I personally have adopted two kin members who I knew over two years, it was a laugh.

    Then I created a char called Daeneryys, and a kinmate kindly made a character called Draggons..

    My favorite adoption ever, I have to say.

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    I "adopted" my RL daughter's main toon. We seldom display the resulting titles, but she thinks it's sweet.

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    I adopted my friend's character some time ago. When we quest together, we usually sport the titles "Mother of ..." and "Son of ..."
    I think it's fun - especially when you add a bit of roleplay.

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    I have adopted

    son and daughter in game, and these two lovely people also are about of an age to actually be my children.

    We don't rp that much in game, though it comes up occasionally in kinchat.

    The main thing it did was enrich an online friendship with each of these people-whom i've never actually met-in ways that I never expected. I even get to give pseudo-maternal advice on occasion, got Mother's Day greetings from each of them.

    So, I recommend it.
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