Since the old gear from the 85 level cap is gone forever I've been trying to put together a collection of as much as I can for old times sake. If you have any gear that's unbound and not listed here that you'd like to sell (or donate like the awesome person who gave me the Undead Hoard earring) let me know in game, on here or just send it COD in the mail for a fair price.

Those gold necklaces and the recipes are fine too. No horse lords stuff though, because they can still be obtained in game easily.

Here's what I have already:

[Weathered Oaken Buckler]
[Brosh's Embroidered Cloak]
[Cloak of Peaceful Repose]
[Drape of the Invading Horde]
[Ancient Arnorian Figurine]
[Bangle of Uncovered Beauty]
[Battle-annalist's Loop]
[Bracelet of the Uttered Oath]
[Confiscated Journal]
[Cruelly Spiked Bracelet]
[Dulled Silver and Bronze Wristlet]
[Earring of the Dead Horde]
[Exquisite Cardolan Trinket]
[Flask of Nenuial Waters]
[Forsaken Wight's Choker]
[Hardened Barrow-brie]
[Majestic Alabaster Figurine]
[Noble Elven Ring]
[Pendant of Shed Blood]