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    how far to level non-used LI?

    Hey there

    Never really understood this, so, I'll ask. I have a bunch of LI weapons levelling that I'll never use obviously, is there any advantage to levelling them to 60 before deconning them?


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    If you decon them at 60 you get better relics and LI runes.

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    For LI's with a minimum level from 51-75, I only level them up to 31 and decon them.
    For LI's with a minimum level of 76 and above, I level them up to 60 and decond them, because these give better relics than those with a lower minimum level.

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    I usually level em up to 60 for the chance at better relics. then i use all my smaller, under 800k xp runes on the 3rd agers in leveling up so im not taking up 20 item slots the vault from all the different sized xp runes. This way i only have the 800k + xp runes.
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    thanks all, i'll keep them going till 60 then

    does where you spend points matter? or does that have no effect on the decon?

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    The only thing that matters is how much experience the LI has. Whether its points were spent, where they were spent, whether it had relics, etc. is irrelevant.

    Though, keep in mind that when you decon a lvl 30+ LI, you'll have an opportunity to remove a Legacy as a scroll. So, if that's your aim, be sure to pay attention to which Legacies you add when you reforge at lvl 10, 20 and 30.

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    If you have a LI that is way below the current level of your toon (ex: L51 LI picked up by a L95 toon when grinding in Moria/Eregion), the Legacy Scroll will not be compatible with the higher level weapon. They have an upper limit listed on them. There's "scrolls of lesser renewal" and "scrolls of renewal", the first has an upper limit and I just vendor those.

    I build those to L31 and decon them. If I get too many I just decon them right away.

    If I get an LI within the range of my current weapon set I grind those up to L60 and then decon them. I turn off the leveling for all the others so to push that one along faster. One advantage of waiting to L60 for this weapons is that I get a lot of high end XP Runes and when I'm chock-a-block full of LIs, I just burn those to level them up or just to finish them off.

    The very first set of weapons you get on an account, take a pretty good while to level up to L31, and there are so many options to get teal/gold weapons by L59 that there's not much point in trying to make those early weapons any better. You can run all the way through moria and out to the dimrill dale on the same weapon set doing normal questing.
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