How can we verify purchases made with Mithril Coins? When done with Turbine Points, I get an e-mail (that I save) which details exactly what has been purchased and for how much. With Mithril Coins, a purchase made doesn't appear to me to leave a trail.

For instance, I am quite sure I purchased the Lalia's Store travel perk on most of my characters. I say most, because it's possible that I didn't purchase one on a "mule" but I'm quite sure that my four "main" playable characters, all over 85 (and all at 85 at the last cap) had that travel perk purchased with MC. Now, it seems missing on one of them. In fact, on my add on, I had that travel skill "active" so that it would be in the list, but it's missing.

I have absolutely no idea when it did so. I don't use it often, but I'd like to know if there exists a log of what was purchased and when so that I can make sure that I don't have something go missing and also don't make an accusation of something missing when I didn't purchase it to begin with.