OK. Life has been pretty busy lately. So, I am finally getting a chance to poke my head in here. First, congrats to all who were selected to the 2014 Player Council. Second, thank you to Turbine and others who believed I would be a good choice. I am but one player among however many play the game. So, I hope that my contribution helps lead the game in the right direction, thus, fulfilling [what I believe is] the core mission of the council... to help the developers fulfill their vision of the game by providing perspective from a "player's view".

For those who don't know much about me... (as my signature suggests) I am part of the leadership of a (IMHO) great kinship. Not great because of anything I've done [alone] but because the contributions of all our members have turned our kinship into something more like a "family".
Given that "kinship improvements" seem to be on the radar... and given what I know about the likes/wants/needs of a large kinship... I hope that my contributions to the player council come at a time when kinships can see some "love". I believe that the kinship is a very important part of the game and community as the primary group socialization most players will experience. I hope that I can [help] bring about some improvements to kinships that will enhance the importance of kinships... and strengthen the community by extension.
Another area of importance to me is the inclusion of good, quality "group" content. While I cannot say that I am a "hardcore raider", I am one who enjoys participating in raids and other forms of group content. So, I hope that my contributions can help steer the game back to including some [newer] group content. Not only that, but, I hope I can contribute to enhancing/improving the group content (raids, instances, epic battles) we already have so that they can continue to serve their [stated] purpose and meet peoples' expectations for that type of content.

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gratz to the NEW members

but were there really that few applicants that you had to carry over people from last year... imho that really defeats the purpose of the council... cuz now you will have people putting themselves before the game and trying to figure out how they can get carried over to the next council, rather than focusing on the game and the core mission of the council...

sad that turbine didn't figure that out from basic US politics with our lifetime politicians...
I believe Turbine did state a while back that they would be holding over a few members from each previous Player Council. The purpose is to help make the transition smoother. The previous council will be able to provide a better memory of what topics have been discussed and what progress (if any) was made during previous councils.