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The PC can suggest new skirmishes/instances day after day, that doesn't guarantee we will get any. It's all up to Turbine & if they don't wanna add any new there not going too no matter how much the PC persists.
This is quite true however, should Turbine ask input from the PC about future activities like skirms, raids, pvmp or any other aspect of the game then it's helpful that the PC pass along their recommendations, ideas, suggestions and general input. That's what the PC is for. Turbine didn't create it to "do nothing".

For every activity or potential activity there's a lot of different ways it can be done. The PC can give inputs about which versions/variations they like best.

And fwiw: the 2014 PC members are likely just flummoxed at the moment by the mix of good wishes and slightly less-than good wishes but they can say nothing about it. And while they cannot say anything about what's on the table, they are certainly all giving it a good go to provide everyone who plays the game a future that is more than what we have today. That may take some time, but Frodo didn't get to Mordor on a jet plane, so we have time.