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    The Breeland Rally!

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    I'll be there

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    Thank you to everyone who participated in Sunday's rally. We got off to a late start due to some confusion about the time, and all of the volunteers were happy that you were all so patient. Daffin put together an event that was challenging in many different ways, the "casual" version of a tough raid as far as I'm concerned. I do want to make sure that getting to those difficult spots did not require any glitches, but rather using the right path to reach them. I know I wouldn't have found those paths (that's why Daffin gave me the easy jobs), so all credit to those who figured it all out.

    The one who really knew what he was doing was Vethlo. He crushed the competition by finishing a full half hour before anyone else to take home the 1600 TP prize. Pontin came in second to win 500 Turbine Points and Ninsulnil took third. Kikilaa, Uldirion, Texwiller and Ermal got to draw from our grab bag by giving their reasons for getting so lost.

    Here we have our winners posing with a couple of our volunteers at the finish line that overlooked all of Bree-town:

    And now by popular demand: the answers to each clue as presented by the incomparable Daffin...

    'Th' first three Clues was Home of a scoundrel, though the grass at the nearby farm is sweet...'
    'Which was Bill Ferny's house by Sweetgrass Farm'
    'an...where you might get cowardly lumber...'
    'Which was th' Yellow Tree; an NOBODY went there!'
    'an also I'd have to say, this is a very GRAVE situation...'
    'Which was on th' roof o' th' House in th' Graveyard'
    'I take it a lot o' folks went there'
    'Then there was Watching over the horse proving track'
    'Elaenya was up on a rock at th' north edge o' th' Track at Hengstacer's'
    'Keeping an eye on the southern Brigands'
    'that was in th' Southgard Ruins, up where them 2 Rangers is spyin in th' tower'
    'Entrance to the Orc Underground'
    'Was th' Cave mouth in Orc Camp Cirith Nur'
    'All 3 o' those clue led t' th' one spot with th' Clue:On the wall not far from where the new Inn is being built'
    'I think most people found that one, an got up there easier than I'd hoped... ;P'
    'WAs thinkin that'd be more challengin'
    'Then, this one seems t' have got a lot o' folks confused... Look at all those spiders down there at Archet's back door!'
    'Y" have t' go past th' Bree Fairgrounds, NORTH o' th' big rocks, an y' can see down t' Archet'
    'Then ther was The falls near the Bridge are quite impressive from this vantage point!'
    'Th' Bridge in question was th' Trestlebridge, which CAN BE SEEN from th' northernmost parts o' Breeland'
    'An has a waterfall right by it'
    'Rosie's Clue was Splintertusk, splintertusk, splintertusk, splintertusk, splintertusk, splintertusk, splintertusk....'
    'Which I thought was one o' th' easiest, beun th' Boar Hollow'
    'Tho Quini was up in th' back, sort o' screened by th' trees'
    'an then was Work fascinates me; I could watch these laborers for hours...'
    'That was Timolas, in th' nook of a platfom at Thornley's Work Site'
    'Seems a lot o' folks saw him on their way t' th' Archet one...'
    'But bein a good soldier, he refused t' give out anythin 'cause that would've let folks jump far ahead '
    'Then was JUST Southwest of Bree'
    'An by JUST southwes, was meant IN th' BREE MOAT!'
    'Few folks came up t' here on that one '
    'I'll be a-mazed if you find me in the midst of all this!'
    'Was, o' course, in th' center o' th' Hedge Maze'
    'If it touches you in here, you won't be able to move until rescued...'
    'Well IT is what y' call the person who's ... it... in a game o' tag; an the clue was fer th' Freeze tag arena'
    'The brigands have this poor girl locked up here!'
    There's a Brigand Camp just north o' Bill Ferny's house, where thetres a girl kept in a cage'
    'an then, th' last Clue b'fore thj'/end was From the great height of this ancient ruin, one can see the canopy of the Old Forest'
    'Now that didn't meant' go INTO th' Old forest; language may have been a issue here; "Canopy" of a forest means th' tops o' th' trees'
    'An y' can see th' old forest from Ost Barandor, which is that huge ruin across th' river'
    'An then o' course From the Finish Line on this perch you can see the whole town of Bree spread out before you.'
    'Was right here, which is th' only place where y' can see th' ENTIRE town o' Bree '

    And here's a spoiler of Daffin's next Rally:
    'Well, SOME day, I'm goin t' run one in Moria... O.O'

    We'll hold another set of (far easier) contests on Mid-year's Day. Look for that announcement next month. Until then, we hope to see you at some of the activities mentioned in my signature below.
    Rosalie from Crickhollow's Second Breakfast
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    Sundays at 11am and Mondays at 11pm: Elevenses at the Bird & Baby
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