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    So now we get Ents as pets....

    ... can flying eagle mounts be far behind?

    How in Middle-earth did Turbine get that one past the rights holder? Ents are ancient, powerful sentient creatures, just like the Great Eagles. If we can have little Ents scampering after us on the streets of Bree, why not Eagles as mounts?

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    Actually I believe the pet is a huron. While it is a type of sentient tree, it's not on the same level as an Ent. Not AS unbelievable, but still odd. If anyone else has more info on the difference between hurons and ents, please post it. I'm rather curious now.
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    Huorns were among the foresty forces that marched on Isengard alongside Treebeard. They are sentient beings according to my understanding of them, but more "tree-like" than ents. Here's more info on them at LOTR wiki.

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    Additionally, the huorn pets we have are pretty much seedlings, and we know for certain that Entlings (or whatever seedling Ents are called) were not around at this time. The Entwives disappeared, so whatever method (pollination?) the Ents and Entwives used to get some Entlings is rendered useless. Unless the Ents can find the Entwives and repopulate their race, they are more or less a dying race. I say more or less because they live for so darn long.

    Interesting thing of note, the lotr.wikia page for Ents lists "sapience" as being one of their racial distinctions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mar-Evayave View Post
    Interesting thing of note, the lotr.wikia page for Ents lists "sapience" as being one of their racial distinctions.
    You don't mean...
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