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    Quote Originally Posted by GilendirD View Post
    Dps difference between 95 2. age and 1. age is about 4-5%, so it's not such a big difference as it used to be.

    Net TM and PM are slightly lower after gearing up when compared to pre-U13. This combined with creep mitigations and avoidances which have increased will more than wipe out the slight DPS increase from 1st age weapons.
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    If i was going to balance thing i would use the moors buff if possible to change freep damage and healing to % instead of a set number. then do the same thing to creeps. then you could set the healing / damage values to be the same on both sides.then it would be much easier to keep things balanced when new updates come out giving freeps new gear which will take the devs at least 1 update to try to fix creeps but most of the time makes things worse by just shifting balance and sending all the fotm flippers to creepside so now freeps are weaker than they were and have to fight a vastly increased numbers on other side.if freep and creep healing were a static % regardless of what happens in pve land it might stop some of the flippers and would probably stop allot of the overbuff/nerfing for the moors that could throw off pve balance.


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