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    Current State of the Moors

    Unfortunately the quality of the video is equal to the quality of PvMP at the moment. Thank you's to the creeps @GV for providing a hilarious moment. BTW, the "/dancing" emote is one of the 7 year anniversary, creep items. It was not a GV camp, it was just good times by bored creeps.

    How does this compare to your server?


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    Near to no freeps on all servers i play. Had to create a 3rd reaver on BW server to have something to hit.

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    My server has a GV camp on it, but many freeps bypass it through the back way, and the map remains halfway blue.

    Also, there are plenty of freeps there to break the camp, but the are extremely disorganized and they run into it solo or duo and get killed.
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    My server has little to no Freeps. Likely too many of them flipped Creepside, as we've had an unnatural amount of newbie (and in some cases, ezmode) Creeps lately. Any freeps that dare come on get insta-zerged, even in 1v1 circles.
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    GV camp most of the time it seems,but they manage to get out to
    flip an outpost or two,and the auto flips help.

    I'm not sure which post to ask this and there are too many for making a
    new thread for it,but now that mits are nerfed and the ring set only makes
    a %5 difference,is aud going to be the way to deal with the orc-craft/fell wrought
    damg creeps do now?and does it have to be full aud?(full set armour)

    been avoiding wasting comms on armour I won't use much,sitting in the
    bank collecting dust unless I kill time in the moors.it's why I trashed the
    85 set,got tired of it taking up bank slots.

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    most those are flippers that you used to raid with trying to cause creeps to get nerfed, they have began to plague the server I am on as well and it's sickening... just because they haven't got a pair between the lot of them to work their virtues to survive the pvp world they show up creep side and start camping gv with one of their friends that spied, rank farmed their way up, and they have no skill.... grow up and go back to the side you were on... leave our creep population alone... stop trolling and please grow a backbone. they tested for 2 months to make sure things were evenly matched. your not going to gain any respect in hoping over and calling the long time creep players names and crying about how terrible you are at the game.

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    Was wondering about the comm's from quests also,it seems
    that there was less rewarded after getting done with a daily run
    of them.I just skimmed the notes from the updates and didn't
    see anything on quests/comm's.

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    The majority of the action since Monday on Ark has been 6 to 8 people in a 1v1 circle. That's about it Very, very few ppl showing up on either side.

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