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Thread: Perhaps...

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    Mitigations should be easier to cap? I'd love to see the lvl 50 jewellery from GV being changed to on-level PvP jewellery, with perfect PvP stats on it. This would for example give:
    217 might
    186 vitality
    500 critical rating
    500 physical mitigation

    We could have purple jewellery for 2.000 comms/each, and teal ones for 4.000/6.000 comms.
    Also, the current cloaks could be changed to have stats equal to Sarchol, but then on lvl 95. Would be awesome to see.
    Feailuve - Akabath

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    imo, if you cap your mits. you should have to sacrifice something, whether it be mastery/crit/morale etc. while i this would be a decent idea (i think we all can agree the cloaks kind of suck..), and that there should be more lvl 95 mit gear, i dont really want to see gear stacked with crit/mits/morale.

    basically i feel like you should have to sacrifice something to cap mits.
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    This is true, but right now, there isn't really a way to cap mits. Not without using gear from 2 years ago. But yeah other stats than crit would probably do.
    Feailuve - Akabath

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    With current itemization I don't see any sort of change coming. Once level cap is increased and new content is released I sincerely hope Turbine actually thinks and listens to us with itemization instead of bringing yet another silly implementation. Jump from RoR to HD items was way too drastic. 150 will and 80 vitality after 10 levels should in no way become 220 will and 180 vitality with morale, crit and other fancy stuff added as bonus. And yes, I also favour sacrificing dps for survivability for example. Unless I'd need to fall back and get an item which is 20 levels below the level cap.

    Bringing rank gated jewellery/cloaks to level cap would definitely be nice addition for pvp'ers.

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    Itemization in general was silly this update. So uncreative... Pretty sad. They screwed up with the insane amounts of might/vit.
    Feailuve - Akabath



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