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    Quote Originally Posted by auximenes View Post
    That's at the far NE corner of the EL map, right? Thanks for sharing.
    Indeed it is

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    I would place my house in draigochs cave on that ledge where the floor falls in so you can jump down and fight him... I think ti would give a great view of raids... (well I guess nto so much anymore)...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathrien_Estelenlaer View Post

    I've always wanted to be able to get into those ruins, but an invisible wall prevents it once you make it to the top of the cliff-face Ah well, I've not yet given up home for the Far Downs eventually being added to the game
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    Don't know if we will ever get there but I've always been intrigued with Tharbad. I think a cottage overlooking the great causeway would be an excellent site. Otherwise, I want Hengstacer Farm...my dream ranch looks a lot like it.

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    While I have many favorite spots, I would most like to reestablish the family farm that my main lost in his backstory.

    For over twenty generations, the Stonebriar farm stood on the extreme edge of the Eastern Bree Fields. The main house was on the high ground overlooking Nen Harn (which Halgoreth's family calls "Wounded Lake") and the fields backed up to the Far Chetwood.

    Sadly, about a decade ago, all the farms in the Eastern Fields began suffering under raids by marauding Tarkrip orcs coming out of Nan Wathren. A couple months later the series of raids culminated in a single, uncharacteristically coordinated (uncharacteristic for Tarkrips, that is) assault, during which every farm in the district was completely wiped out in a single night.

    Because his father had the foresight to devise an escape plan and keep the family prepared for the potential need to evacuate, Halgoreth's immediate family were possibly the only ones to witness that final attack and yet survive. (They had spent days scouting out an escape route, clearing the path, and making walls of brush to conceal their escape.) Everyone else in the district who had been too stubborn to leave after the raids first began, was slain that last night.

    The Rangers had previously thought that the Tarkrips would continue focusing their attention on harassing Trestlebridge in order to gain control of the Trestlespan and secure that route into the Bree-lands, as it is the only way across the canyon. The Rangers never expected that the relatively disorganized Tarkrips had the strength or discipline to split their forces and commit an entire battalion to clearing an additional avenue by crossing the lake in order to come around the east end of the canyon. They learned all too late that the Tarkrip tribe had begun cooperating with the rival Ongburz tribe who, being much more accomplished warriors and strategists, were directing the campaign. The main purpose for clearing this second route was to provide ingress to the Breelands at some future point for the Ongburz forces currently gathering in Dol Dinen.

    Evidence that any Men had once lived in the area is now all but vanished. The former farms have all been either completely reclaimed by the wild or are occupied by orcs. The only remaining signs of the once-thriving Stonebriar farm are a few scattered boulders from the foundation of the old cottage.

    Yeah, that's where I would put my house. Well. . .once we resolve the issue of orc infestation, that is.

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    Forochel or Misty Mountains for the snow

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    Norcrofts or on an island in Lake Evendim
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    I'd place it on the hill overlooking Grothum in Ettenmoors (there's a ledge accessible for all about 2/3rds up the northern side). Would provide a lovely view and finally allow all my chars to share a house (giving my lm the chance to try to tame a proper wolf pet ).
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    This is a good question.

    My Human Champion is from Breeland, After retiring from a life of adventuring (To Rhun and Beyond!) He would start a farm in the Brandy Hills West of Bree. Often he would travel down to Bree to sell his swords to new adventuers, and plows to old Farmers. Some shorter trips to Michel Delving or Hobbiton would be a part of his usual buisness. Possibly some longer trips would be in order to visit friends still at Rivendell and Edoras.
    However many years later when the Elves and the Ring Bearers have left Middle Earth, he might visit Rivendell, and in the quiet of that empty city would ponder the loss of so fair a people. Leaving Rivendell he might drift west to Ered Luin, and live out his days as a hermit taking up residence in one of the abandoned homes of Celondim or Falathlorn. There he would ponder and live. He would not feel the pull of the sea, but the pull of those he would never see again.
    But all would not be sorrow, his home would become a known resting place for travelers. He would spend his days greeting travelers and telling tales, but wandering no more. He would end his days close to the sea, waiting for the fate of men and the world to be remade.

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    I have actually planned where all of my alts would live if I could place a house for each one!

    My Minstrel is from Gondor, and as I have not seen, I cannot say exactly where, but he is from near Dol Amroth, so I will know soon!
    My Warden is from Rivendell, but I like to think his house would be near the stables, heading towards the Ettenmoors.
    My Rune Keeper is from the Lonely Mountain, so enough said there.
    My Hunter is from Lothlorien, and as such, I've always wanted to be able to have a tree-house style like we see in Caras Galadhon.
    My Burglar would have a house on the Brandywine River, just north of the bridge to Bree-land.
    My Lore Master is from Mirkwood, but I like to think he was a wanderer, with no set house.
    My Captain is from Rohan, and was the hardest to pick for, but I like to think his house would be one of the farms around Cliving.
    My Guardian lives on the northern edge of Brockenborings, and keeps those pesky goblins in check!
    My Champion is from the White Mountains, and would have a house at the peak of one of these, to have a beautiful view all around.

    Overall though, if I could place a house anywhere on the map:

    1) Where the mustering horn/boat to discover Sari-Surma are. The night sky in Forochel is spectacular!
    2) In Annuminas, near the lake.
    3) From what I have seen, Dol Amroth is quickly becoming my new favourite for a house location!

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    If I had to chose, probably a house in the Trollshaws, its such a nice looking region. Or a dwarf house in Misty Mountains.... or in the hill under the safe path in Steps of Grams for my creeps

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    Near the guaradan in the NW corner of Evendim looking onto the lake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam6284 View Post
    Just give me an RV. I have so many favorite spots I can't choose. XD
    RVs are out of period ... but traveling wagons are in!
    Some Goth-equivalents* called the Wain-riders invaded
    what is now Rohan and menaced Gondor, a good long
    time before the War of the Ring.

    I can't just now find the link to a page describing how
    a couple in the SCA built a medieval wagon (based on
    period artwork, and looking a whole lot like the Conestoga
    wagons that settled the US in the 19th century), but
    it's out there somewhere. Googling "Wohnwagen" got
    me a lot of German-language ads for modern RVs.

    *Not people who dress in black and love bats;
    tribespeople who spoke Gothic and moved in
    on Roman territory on various occasions.
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