Hello, as i had absolutely no answers from the technical team on the technical forum, I put my post here as it is a store concern also : can’t access to the store and can’t buy anything.
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Since November 16th i can't acces the ingame lotro's store with my main toon (and just this one) the one i have been playing over 6 years and more...
I have contacted for the first time the customer support (11/16/13) and i have followed all theirs orders/settings/advice but without luck.
i have done some tests/configs from my side; here it is :

uninstall/install the game

Try to connect my toon from other computers/places with different ISP (friends/ familly), even on free wifi hotspot in public place.

I am not a fully qualified technician and/or engineer (and far away) BUT i seriously doubt that my problem is comming from my configuration/settings/hardware

The only weird thing (and recurring) is the time taken to initiate/establish the ingame connection for my main (sound like a timeout connection to a DB).

Anyway i don't know/guess/imagine but somebody else has this concern? there is a workaround about this by turbine ? Or better : someone from the community solved this issue ?
So many turbine points that cannot be spent, i feel so depressed
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I would like to submit again this message I wrote already 4 months ago. I was not able to access the in game store with one of my lotro characters.

I made contacts several times with the game support, but the problem was never solved. The only answer I got was : “this will be corrected in a future update; remember to check for next updates”

4 updates have been released from the 16th of november (update 12, 12.1, 12.2 and 12.3) and the problem is still not fixed. A new major update will soon be released. The in game store is getting more and more important, and there are a lot of things we can get only through the store (expansions, bags, chests, character upgrades…) and I need a clear and accurate answer to my problem.

I have been really patient and always been courteous but I would like to be told If I will ever be able to access to all the game options or if my problem cannot be solved (and in this case I will stop my subscription)
I 've always appreciated lotro and i still appreciate it, but i don’t want to be fooled.

I have been very patient for over 5 months, and my concerns are still not solved. I am still receiving the same generic Email from turbine.
I am on this game since the very begin (since the beta so at least 7 years) always very happy with the service (to be honest I was lucky as I never had any problems). Others persons seem to have same problems with same ‘no-solution’. It’s very sade… Turbine powered by fan… should be Turbine products wind to his fans in my opinion…
What I would like to have now, it is a clear answer from Turbine in order to know if I leave for another game right now. Because the same automated message like the one you sent in loop is quite boring and is quite unprofessional.
-just wondering : do you realize that if this issue generalizes to all players you will no longer be able to make money? Maybe you will be more professional at this time ?-