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    Reaver racial build

    Fellow readers, what RACIAL setup do you use. I have all racial skills (thanks to sigil farming lol) and I really like to have every single boost in which is just a feeling, probably doesn't help so that would mean I have to keep blood of fire out. That is a slight problem since every reaver, high rank or low has blood of fire slotted. But if you think about it practically, is it really worth the 56 damage reflect? Please give your suggestions on this and some ideas on what build should i use, every single boost or blood of fire and boosts. If you vouch for blood of fire please give the name of the boost that I would leave out.

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    Heya! Blood of fire is a must, for me and most reavers.
    firstly its used as an animation cutter, as it is immediate, its great in a start of a fight.
    Secondly, since u13 blood of fire reflects damage from dots aswell, so its a good chunk of damage in any fight that is not over in 30s.

    as for other racials. I use all except for tireless warrior (icpr/icmr) and frontline fodder (pbe).

    Dying rage is a fustrating skill at times, you get killed/cc'd during it, but in 1v1-3 fights its awesome.

    Hope this helps.

    The original Valdez



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