This came up during the Silverlode run to Isengard today. Sapience asked for this to be fleshed out a little bit more - so here we go!

Original question: Have you considered/done a Day in the Life of Turbine, and would it be feasible with the other things that the team is already doing?

What it is: A day in the life showcases what goes on from the team's point of view. Formats (video, text, etc) vary - the main goal is giving players a new perspective of how LOTRO goes from the page to the stage.

Rationale: We've seen a big increase in the face time from the team with the Isengard runs, other livestreams, Rowan's letters, and so on. These have been great for putting a humanizing face on LOTRO and giving the community a chance to ask questions and hear real-time responses. I really appreciate these and would like to see them continue. I can't count how many times a Dev has said that things that seem simple to players usually aren't, or that there's a lot of things on the go at any given time that the players don't usually know about. "A Day in the Life" could take us through what it's like to work there in Boston in a way players might not be used to. It's not about 'sneak peaks' or 'secret leaks' - there's other events for that. Instead, what's it like being a Dev? What does Sapience do when Raina isn't spawning balrogs on him? And so on.

I know the team already puts a lot of time into outreach, so I'm not sure how achievable this would be with the other things on your plates. Certainly we don't want to take away from time building the game! Just some food for thought. Happy questing!