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    Catapults Coming to the Ettenmoors

    In the recent Producers Level, it was announced that catapults would be coming to the moors!

    This has the possibility of adding a new deminsion to fighting in the moors, and a lot of fun and players along with it. But only if it is done right.

    If all of the keeps stay the same and catapults are just put in a permanent location on the walls, I will be very disappointed to say the least.

    This is the time to tell the devs what we want when they implement siege weapons to the moors, and how we think it can be best implemented. So that they can hear our ideas while it is still in development and can be changed.

    I will post my suggestion in a following post
    Withywindle characters-Caesaran (warden), Dernudan (Lore master)
    Brandywine characters- Dernudan (champion), Denthur (guardian), Delphinianic(captain)

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    awesome! Catapults!

    I wonder if Kilgore knows about this?

    thanks for the heads-up!



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