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    Guardian Warsteed Guid to Not being Pathetic

    This is a guide to help guardians not be too pathetic on their war steeds. Please comment on what tactics you use when in mounted combat.


    The first step in being not pathetic on war steed as guard is knowing that guardian is(along with burglar) the most pathetic class on war steed. Now, i am not saying guardian is bad. Guardian is really amazing, just on war steed he is found lacking.

    Compared to warden, the other tank, guardian stinks. Warden has heal moves in each stance that heal the warden and his steed. He can use them at any time and is very powerful and easy to play.

    Guardian, however, does not.

    As a guardian, you cannot heal your war steed. Turbine is a complete idiot, as hunter can tank better than guardian. But, guardian has a couple of nifty heal moves to heal the guardian himself, so what you need to watch out for is your steeds health, not yours. This does mean it is hard for you to die, but you might often fall off your steed, which means you have to get back on in the middle of combat.


    I have come to the point of seeing that if you cannot heal your health, as in get it back, then you should prevent yourself from loosing it in the first place. As a guardian, we pride ourselves with having the highest mitigations in the game, allowing us to survive enormous blows. On warsteed, you should be the same, focusing in armour and mitigations to keep your war steed alive. Focus in anything that adds armour, block and parry rating, or anything like that. This will keep your warsteed alive.


    Well, the above section states you need to keep your steed from loosing health. I find heavy war steed works best as it has the highest defences, but light warsteed is also great for traveling and when you just want to do some quick DPS, but it is not much.


    Skill wise, guardian has no direct war steed heals, nor AoE, nor ranged attack moves. This is a big disadvantage, and is another thing that Turbine needs to fix, as it is stupid that only one tank in the game can actually tank!

    For starters, lets start with the move "Pledge to Rohan." This is a starter move that you immediately start with. Ordinarily, it is just a buff, depending on your stance. But, trait a couple of boxes into the yellow path on warsteed, and it becomes a heal move, that saddly only heals you. But in the Rohirrim stance, it will buff your mitigation's, so makes your warsteed stronger, whichs helps keep your warsteed alive. In Red Dawn, it increases damage, so it can help you kill enemies quickly. Use this moves to keep your character alive, as if you fall off your steed, you can get back on in the middle of combat.

    Now, most of you probably did not notice, but the move "Rohan's Edge" in the Rohirrim stance will heal you, your steed, and your fellows when it criticals. This is very dumb, as guardian's do not use critical strikes normaly. If you are going DPS, you can swap to Rohirrim to get a heal, but it will take a few goes. When going defensive, save this move until you are about 1000 health short of your max war steed health, then spam it whenever you can to try and heal your steed.

    The best healing move for guardian is "Goading Strike." This is another move most people overlook. It applies a buff to you and your fellowship whenever you get hit while under its affect. In Red Dawn, it is a damage buff. Riddermark, a migitation buff I think. But in Rohirrm, it heals you every time you are hit, for about 600hp. Saddly, once again, does not heal your steed. But this helps keep you alive as the buff is applied to you, so you stay at full health, and if you fall off your steed just after using it, it will remain in effect.

    Guardian warsteed DPS is severly lacking, but equiping a 2h weapon and focusing on physical mastery and critical rating can help you increase your dps a bit, but makes you rather squishy.


    Saddly, guardian is almost useless in a group. You cannot tank very well, as the warden does it better. You can't do dps, and you can't heal. Basically, you are useless. But people, invite guardians as they have some handy buffs, and don't want to get left out.


    I love guardian. It is my favourite class, along with burglar, and you ruined both of these classes on warsteed. Fix it, as you make me sad.


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    I never really had an issue with my guardian on a warsteed, well... I did at first. But once I got use to the idea of focusing on making sure his armor and power were high enough, I found that my warsteed could withstand a pretty good beating. The early levels were tricky, when I first started out in Rohan but as I went along it improved greatly.

    In fact, the biggest problem I had when I first ventured into the Wold was how quickly the warsteeds power would drain. Damage taken was a bit of a problem but nothing compared to how fast the power would drop, which made combat difficult to say the least.
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    The first character I spent a lot of time warsteeding with was my guardian, and I agree, I found it challenging. Chris is right about power challenges. Maintaining the steed's power is tricky, especially if you aren't used to mounted combat yet. On a 'basic strategy' level, this is what I usually aimed for:

    1) Whenever possible, keep foes in an open field. Navigating around obstacles can slow down your attack lineups and generally takes your focus away from hitting things.
    2) Don't worry if your horse dies and you're dismounted, especially if you still have high morale when it happens. Re-mounting heals your steed and is easy unless you have a hold of a massive number of mobs.
    3) If you're dismounted, it's not a bad idea to pump one or two of your regular skills. The Bubble and your taunts are still helpful in Rohan.
    4) There are ways to avoid mounted combat if you don't like it. Mounted, highly mobile mobs tend to stand still once they've been forced off of their mount. I was lucky to do most of Rohan with a loremaster, who can dismount enemies pretty easily. You don't need to chase someone that isn't running around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warmutkan View Post
    There are ways to avoid mounted combat if you don't like it. Mounted, highly mobile mobs tend to stand still once they've been forced off of their mount. I was lucky to do most of Rohan with a loremaster, who can dismount enemies pretty easily. You don't need to chase someone that isn't running around.
    I'm gonna have to try this, I really hate mounted combat

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    The OP gave pretty much the worst "review" or "guide" I've ever read.

    1. this assumes a guardian wants to be a tank on war-steed when 95% of the time you will be solo and will be focused on DPS.
    2. you can hold threat just fine on war-steed in blue line if you do indeed fight warsteed while grouped. I've held aggro on 3-4 targets and as long as the group follows my TA, no problem protecting them.
    3. wearing dps gear, 2-handed weapon, and heavy bridle, you will do large dps, almost as much as a champ single target on war-steed.


    1. Guardian warsteed easily crits for 30-35k damage or higher on pledge to rohan if a bridle is built correctly.
    2. Heavy bridle is the way to go, both for the increased mits built in, but also the 25% crit chance ( totals to 50% crit chance if you are wearing max crit rating dps gear). Also, you get the charge skill (Trample) that is an AoE that does plenty of damage on dismounted enemies and if used correctly can easily do 15-25k damage if you know how to maneuver your warsteed to keep punting the mobs as you charge over and over.
    3. Relics: use either +morale or -15% attack duration melded setting. use Crit multiplier for gem slot and lvl 90 crafted relics for chance to skill reset on bridle (use it in the Rune slot). and -27% attack duration for crafted relic slot. with a -42% attack duration (or 47% w/LI boost) you will auto-attack in melee range for 3000-6,000 dps just from auto-attacks, no skills used.

    Learn to change stances in combat.

    1. Red Dawn is your DPS line
    2. Rohirrim is your tank / self-heal line
    3. Riddermark is your debuff / power restore line

    Using all three during long war-steed battles will keep you healed for morale and power for the harder warbands such as macsen in the stonedeans.

    Using crit rating gear with heavy bridle for 50% is important to achieve the large self-heals and large power restores you will need for long duration war-band battles. This is due to the large power heal and morale heal being dependent on achieving a critical damage skill.

    The OP says you don't crit a lot, well, that's because he's not in crit gear and not on a heavy war-steed. you will achieve 50% crit rating in the correct gear and traits.

    Power: I have no power challenges on my guardian in heavy war-steed with 50% crit chance using the large power restore in riddermark stance when I need it. btw, the power restore can also crit to achieve +4,000 or so power restore to both steed and rider each. After doing so, I swap to rohirrim or red dawn depending on if I'm tanking/need morale, or dpsing.

    guardian war-steed is just fine, you just need to approach it from a dps perspective and not a tank one to be most effective at tanking in it.
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    I agree with Leixy. My personal favourite is the light steed, because it has a better maneuverability and a better self heal (morale and power) because of the 2 additional skills. Tipp: Dont forget to use the right relics!
    I've chosen +turnrate & +25%kritmulti.



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