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    Possible TP award issue

    As always if you have a problem, bug it, this is more to see if other players noticed this issue, and we discussed it here previously.

    The Cartography deeds were re-awarded with this update, and unless I'm mistaken, are still worth 10TP apiece (among other things). I know they were processed because the maps showed up in my inventory. However, the first alt I noticed got 15TP (which I can't explain), and the rest didn't get TP at all.

    I can't complain as I didn't actually do anything to earn it this time, and I'm not looking to get the points. It just seems that whatever issue with processing deeds in rapid succession is still around and I was hoping others might check if it happened to them.

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    Did you get a message that said, Deed bestowed? I cannot remember any.

    The Eriador and Moria maps are only the *rewards* for completing these deeds. Barter a map from the festival manager, and see what happens. I have the feeling this will start this deed, so that you can obtain the TP, at least for the Moria Cartographer deed.

    Greetings, Polymachos



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