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Thread: Too squishy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Castorix View Post
    There is a problem with your gear/virtues/... if you only have 11.5K at 95 as Champ (I have 23K in Blue, without stacking vitality/morale... and my Hunter has ~17K)
    And landscape mobs do nearly no damage on me, impossible to be killed...
    My champ has been 95 for weeks and still isn't even close to 23k....or even 15k....
    Honesty isn't one of the new must have virtues...but is still nice to slot in real life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Artanisul View Post
    My champ has been 95 for weeks and still isn't even close to 23k....or even 15k....
    Honesty isn't one of the new must have virtues...but is still nice to slot in real life.
    I don't know, I could see a champ get close to those numbers with crafted gear... My Captain, traited in red, has around 16k morale -- that's with teal crafted gear focused exclusively on might and crit-rating, no banner equipped, and GROSSLY outdated jewellery. I still have my level 85 wyrmfire ring equipped, for instance, along with some old 85 teals and some quest rewards. I currently only have three decent pieces of jewellery equipped -- two engineer's bracelets I won in BBs (again, focused on might and crit), plus one of the pocket items from the new book. If I upgraded my jewellery and maybe mixed in a +vitality armour piece or two (not stacking vitality or anything, just boosting what I already have a little), I could probably easily hit the 20k range. I don't really feel I need to, though -- 16k is more than enough for the soloing I do.

    With emerald shards now in the skirmish camps, it should be relatively easy to kit out a LVL 95 character in quality crafted gear in the space of six weeks. No endless node farming, no paying ridiculously high AH fees...

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    This makes total sense!

    Before the update, I'll complain about the game being to easy!

    Then, after the update, when they at least ATTEMPTED to start fixing it, I'll complain about how hard the game is!

    OMG, total genius logic!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Briantc123 View Post
    I agree. I roll a 95 Champ, and having the top gear in the game makes this new combat survivable. However, I also am rolling as lvl 56 Guard as I am typing this. I just attempted a lowly t1 skirm (Tuckborough) ON LEVEL. MY guard has all purple gear, not a single piece with a level below 50. I died over 8 times. On t1, same level. This is slightly ridiculous. I can fully understand it from the point of a lvl 95, but as soon as you hop on a lower level character, it becomes near impossible. I'm not saying I want to be able to solo a t3 skirm with my 56 guard, thats left for 95. But when its to the point I have one of the best shields possible at my level and I feel like i'm wearing light armour, then we seem to have an issue. I am one of the ones that did want the game slightly harder, but not like this, where a rank 1 creep cant be killed unless the freeps have 6 people zerging him.
    Quote Originally Posted by elfincat View Post
    Briantc123...thank you! I knew there had to be others who felt as I do!

    I understand the boredom the lv95s probably felt but this change is a show stopper for everyone else and might cause long term financial harm to turbine if new players quit the game by level 20...like what happened in wow years ago.

    I am going to hang on to hope that this gets fixed in a way that's fair to the 95s and all the rest of us too. I was so excited to finish Moria on my hunter but if things don't change I'll never get to see the rest of middle earth outside of stealth mode :-(,,,,,,,,,,
    Quote Originally Posted by MessyR View Post
    I have a theory, i dont think its the content i think its the players, turbine made the game extremely easy over the past 2 expansions and now we have players who basically hit a few buttons and the mob is dead, but now after U13 hit i feel these players could potentially be very poor players. Now this is not a dig in any way, but nowadays players expect the mob to be dead before it reaches them, more so with ranged classes, so they kinda ignore certain skills etc. I think this is the problem, and the fact they have maybe mediocre gear/jewels/weapons etc etc.

    To many players stand in one spot and assume the mob will die before they take a hit, they no longer move to avoid and such like, we need to expect a few smaller issues are a change like the mitigation change we just got, i player my cappy through the book last night and the first new area, its still to easy, but yeah the mobs did hit a tad bit harder, i did a few T3 raids and there so so, games going in a better direction, people just need to understand that and accept it.

    An easy game and all that :-(
    All well said and done, people who do not raid are in a position of not being able to get super high end gear .. I have the best that I have come across so far, bearing in mind I have hit over 1780 hours in 7 months and few days .. and before you wise crack about not having a life, let me do it for you ... no I do not, I am a disabled man who has a lot of bed sore time on his hands .... yet still I cannot even get my traps to root a frikkin Warg in Rohan ?, so hey I thought ok it is top areas lets do a skirm.. aw hell yeah it was fun to nearly die with one mob.., I am a hunter, I should be able to root the runners, bash the ranged in the head several more if needed times, with enough time to smack a single root or stun on the other whilst bashing in the skull of the second, to turn to the third and obliterate him just before I die .. take a sigh of relief and think, man that was awesome, before setting my fire up to heal quick for the next just as awesome battle.
    Now that said, you see that I could not care less if it is hard to kill mobs? what I do not like is getting hit by a normal none elite / master / master elite / crazy mofo bossman/woman type mob and losing 16.7k health in the blink of an eye..
    LVL 95's were bored? so what ! booo hooo to you. It does not warrant the thinking that everyone is built to beat conan the barbarian, just to get 10 crinkled thigh bones to complete something as simple as a task. We do not all live in omg let me join your raid so I can gimp myself out to the extreme that I am now bored, and the ENTIRE LOTRO community that does not fall into your category can maybe kiss your royal gimped out behind? sorry fella or missus, it does not work that way. How can you tell people it is their fault for not having the right virtues and gear and trait points etc? I for one cannot really add much more to my trait tree! so what can I do now? grow trait points on my farm and hope for the best? am I to spend another 1780 hours trying to get into raid groups, in the off chance I might get lucky and roll some good gear? there is also such a player called a casual gamer, and that does not particularly mean they just play now and then, more so it means they are happy to muddle along doing this n that here and there, maybe never doing a fellowship run or a raid run and never go near a master elite etc.. but now U13 hits em and BLAM everyones a master elite what is going on ?.
    So please don't assume everyone on here moaning about u13 being o.p just does not have the right traits / gear / virtues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher_S View Post
    I haven't had a chance to try much on my hunter yet, but I'm a little weary if the low to mid levels are really becoming that hard. I guess I'll just have to test it to find out for sure.
    I know what you mean ..... so I got a chance to see how my lvl 54 hunter was doing down in the depths of Moria, Waterworks. I took a little more damage than I did before U13, but overall it wasn't a gamechanger. My power held steady which was my concern. IMO it still isn't as difficult as has been, like Mirkwood or before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robbie1435 View Post
    This makes total sense!

    Before the update, I'll complain about the game being to easy!

    Then, after the update, when they at least ATTEMPTED to start fixing it, I'll complain about how hard the game is!

    OMG, total genius logic!
    Umm... you do realize that there are two different sets of people, right? (Well, most likely there's more types but here's the two main ones)

    1) People who wanted it to be harder are happier now because it's a bit more challenging but still not happy with the way they went about the changes because they knew it would mess up lower levels and itemization. Things still need to be a bit more difficult but the mitigation & itemization options need to be fleshed out at all levels in order for it to be done right.

    2) People who liked the super easy Helm's Deep 3 button "boom boom dead" playstyle and didn't want it to get harder. They are likely upset now because it's no longer as easy as it was. The thought of having to gear themselves a bit better (i.e. decent crafted gear, using better weapons or properly set up Legendary Items, etc.) may not be favorable or fun to them.

    Tweaks like this need a constant feedback loop that we don't really get much of in Bullroarer testing. The developer needs to tweak stuff and then it needs to be immediately tested and given feedback on by people who actually play the game and know what it should be like at certain levels. Then they need to take that feedback and offer suggestions and everyone should agree on it that it sounds like a good idea... then make changes.
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    Tested out my hunter this time. 95 with a couple of BB jewels and 50/50 crafted and quest armor.
    Fairly decent SA weapons that I crafted myself, just like anyone can do.
    Popped a fire potion and joined a T1 Prancing Pony, just to test what it's like.
    And lowest of my 14.4 HP I got was 12.4...
    No power issues and only mobs that even reached me was the LTs.
    The torch bearers died with 1 quick shot...
    So again I can't really find where this extreme one/two shoting of people is taking place.

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    Tried again now with a T3 solo version of Prancing Pony.
    Close call on a couple of the LTs there.
    Had to use a heal pot at one time even...
    Not exactly shocking to have to use a heal pot though.

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    I LOVE it! They hit back now! I have a reason to upgrade my 10-levels-below LI's, stop (or at least reduce) the use of my Tortoise Stone so I stay below level, pay attention to virtues, use the pile of potions and food I've accumulated (and maybe make some new ones and focus on my cook again!), think about armor and bother to craft some that's better, and even use those throw-away buffing hobbit presents that for some reason I haven't thrown away.

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    bashed and bruised and grinning from ear to ear 8)

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    I took my Level 27 minstrel into the Falconer's area of North Downs near Othrikar. This area is filled with Level 27 elite Dourhand dwarfs and regular falcons.

    I used battle scrolls, a +2 token, and a full dinner (cooked, trail, fortifying food).

    I walked in, I slaughtered everything, and I walked out. No strategy was required. I used self-heals twice. I pulled 2 Dourhands and 2 Falcons on two occasions - in one instance including the head Falconer. None of this was a challenge. It was not even the beginning of a challenge.
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    my hunter got hit for 7k from an archer in a t3 95 skraid today, I shed a tear of happiness.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leixy View Post
    my hunter got hit for 7k from an archer in a t3 95 skraid today, I shed a tear of happiness.
    I didn't notice anything above 4-5K range myself, but almost brought tears of eeeek panic mode
    But felt really good when I didn't die and still made it, instead of just splatting everything.

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    Lvl 95 guard taunts T3 skirm 2 liutenants + mobs, way of smiths, and voila health drops to a half. Combat later says most of damage from fire. Well nddd go move out of puddles.

    Lvl 70 burg, some sammt dtuff on it. Not oneshooting onlevel mobs anymore, but no problems.

    Mini i didnt log.

    Champ at 11k morale dosent mean that there is something wrong. Id suggest tankish cloak. Crit defence stat is probably needed.

    My runekeeper lvl 89 didnt makeb out of craft hall. Mini 54 either.

    But really, currentlybat 95 raiding gear is mostly crafted armor, bb jewellry.
    For my guard i start a dig to find tact mig gear again. 61 phys 51 tact i csn get with scrolls. Livable.

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    My Lvl.95 yellow trait line Champion (or should I say - "Champion"?). yesterday, flooded Isengard, quest to kill some orcs below.
    Fought two Orcs. Ordinary ones. No-named, no-signature, no-nemesis, no-elite. SOme were with green bubbles (my champ, of course, has none).

    Initial health: some 18.000
    health after spamming bracing attacks and using heal potions: some 1000

    No, I did not log combat to see "critical hits" and other mumba-yumba stuff. No, I do not exagerrate (there is absolutely no point in that). I do not think it has to do something with the fact only one virtue is lvl.17 (all others lvl.18) and that I have adequate crafted armour and jewellery as well as weapons. How could I participate in any instance, higher than lvl.30?

    As for me, it is a proof game is made way too hard.

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    Its the crits and devastaes that gets you. Its part of a game at that level. Around 3 to 6 k crit defence lessens the incomming damage alaready by 30 to 40%. There is gear with crit defence, literally everywhere in rohan. Biggest impact is, it lessens inc damage so much, that you are not defeated, when stunned.

    If its not to your liking, go 2/3 blue ans 1/3 yellow. Thats steamroller mode.

    And again. If you see somewhere magic raiding gear, let me know. Iam interested to get some. Quest rewards, mostly crafted armor and BB jewellry is what i see. Raid drops are cheap in Auction House, evev 1 or 2,g for blue items, crafted is around 150g.

    About mumbojumbo. At 95 you really need to know what stat contributes to deffencive values, what to offencive.

    To run defencive toon you need resistance, block, parry, evade, critical defence, mostly physical mitigation on map and tactical mitigation. Latest is rarely seen on map, but responsible for majoroty of oneshotting in raids.
    When you go to fellowship with healer, there is incomming healing stat, that gives you more for every heal. There is currently setting of north, that have crit rating, and incomming heal rating. I use it on all toons.

    To run offencive or support toon you need finesse, critical rating, physical or tactical mastery, and defencive stats to live if mobs on map or in onsta are attacking you.
    If you see that your skills are resisted, its finesse issue. About 12k is good, the more the merrier. Its not bad to have around 16k on 95 hunter. Mainly fellowship healer dosent need do much finesse, as heals are not resisted.

    Now class trait trees give you alot of options. Every class have some traits, that nakes em survive alot better, but hitting less.

    Ppl maybe got abit used to, what they used so far. If going gets tough, it may be good idea to take a look what traits are you using, what gear. That is what i do.
    There is signifficant increase in stats in lvl 77 and 87 currently, if upgraded somewhere there, legendarys tends to last longer then at 75 and 85 versions.

    By fiddling around with you toon traits, gear and legendarys you can get alot out of your toon. Defencive virtues with physical mitigations is as first priority.

    And once again, there is no magic raiding gear nowhere to be found. Its quest rewards, reputation vendors and crafters. Some ppl have had so bad luck with random loot, that crafted is kind of only option, and choosing stats you need.

    Its not even so much of fine tuning, its pretty basic tuning of toon. When successful, its a joy.

    Personally i have noticed that when i hit a problem, i tend too easyly to look at gear first. What i keep reminding myself is, that traiting class points, is everything. Adjusted setup gets things done, that any of ybergear would not.

    Fine runung is more with legendarys, what skills you use most, what to buffbup. What damage scrolls use on em. But that can get costly fast, and should be looked as last part of tuning the toon. There are some most useful legacys in every class, anyrhing thatbsays crit, for champ aoe damage, guard melee targets. Its covered in class guides, that btw can be outdated now
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    I still didn't start playing as my PC i begin repaired, but just a question-
    To not die a lot as a lvl 95 Hunter and Champ and a low lvl RK, what virtues should I use?

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    Anything with physical mitigation. Champs and huner relay mostly on crit rating. Kill em first. If its getting to tough, go blue.

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    Some quick observations:

    Lvl 89 minstrel, Hytbold + mostly purple and teal gear just started West Rohan and can't survive against two light blue normal mounted mobs. Non-crit hits are doing 2K+, and he has 8K total morale. He already has mitigation virtues slotted, with one at lvl 12 and all the rest at 16+. He can take on one light blue if he can kite it, but if a second shows up (easy to aggro with everything riding around), he dies. This seems a bit out of whack.

    Another data point: Lvl 63 hunter with a mix of quest and crit-crafted cleaning up quests in Moria. Two gray mobs take him to half health, though he was able to kill a single green rare signature mob without a lot of trouble (it took a long time to close to melee range, and had no ranged).

    I don't have maxxed-out lvl 95's, so I don't know what that experience is like. I do know that playing these characters is not fun right now.

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    Just completed bk 14 and the Fangorn Forest content this evening on my 95 hunter wearing all item lvl 176 crafted gear , BB Jewelry and 2nd age weapons giving me just under 16k moral and 41k physical mastery. It did take more than 2 shots to take down the mobs and for the most part most of the mobs did not drop me below half moral when pulling 1 or 2 mobs at a time. However when i pulled 3 or 4 mobs i had to work for it, almost died twice from pulling 4 mobs. Did Defence of Prancing pony solo on tier 3 and never died just got me down to 10% health when the LT, crony mobs and the extra encounter spawned to burn the stables wandered in. Then I tried the BB's, this was more challenging imo, before u13 i was able to get gold and plats almost all the time. But after U13 I only got bronze and silver. So i guess that means I need to practice, practice, practice. some of the side quests tho in deeping combe seem to spawn way to fast, I was on the hornburg side and got the side quest for protecting the supplies. by the time i got over to the east side the first group of mobs had already started attacking and 1 building was already almost destroyed, 2nd group came in and it seemed like they were all on speed as fast as they were moving. then i got the side quest to not let the spirits escape. Ran over there and just as i arrived to quest location 2 spirits already escaped. So, I do not know if it was just something flakin out the bb data servers or what. All the other zones, toons and content seemed perfectly normal.
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    Id look at armor values on Hytbold set compared to quest gear. If you get em, try on. Armor value contributes to phys mitigation.

    Waaait! Mounted mini on light steed should get hitted only by ranged mobs. Alaways mounted against nounted. And, look st other mounted traits and stances. Sometimes Rohirrim gives survivability vhen Red Down dosent.
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    Some of BB sidequests are so bugged, that in fellow someone goes out faaar to find warmachines, that are going around god knows where. Engineer, barricades, damage upgrade to em looks to work most of times. Not alaways. If its bugged, there is nothing you can do other then bug report it.

    For BB s i drop all crit defence, any tankish gesr goes to bag. Its about burst dps only there.

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    And well. All i can do here is to tell of my own experience, what i have noticed to work.

    I fully expect things to be readjusted rather soon. As it currently stands, t3 raiders are able to blast thru in most cases with some effort, but nothing too over the top. You need to pay attention, thats it.

    There may be real issues for some classes on some levels. And our kin leader on tanking warden does all the bells abd whistles, but gets smacked around really badly. He used the kind of language in kin chat that Isengsrd goblins would knee down, uruks would stand in silence and Saruman would take notes, to learn and study.

    The total degradation of vitalaty and severe not published changes in parry and evade as main points.

    And the fact that freeps in pvp live less then 10 steps out of a gate, xan not be good

    For now, its hows and whats how to cope and enjoy the game.
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    Well. If hunter trap with 14k finesse does not stick many times on roll, it can only mean that creatures sre made immune. They can be stunn daze root trap maze immune. Means only kiting and dpsding works, nothing else

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ezekremiah View Post
    I'm not disputing there is, I've been taking the occasional crafted gear but mostly going with purples from quests & loot-drops as I've yet to reach Helms Deep in the storyline, and I've never really concentrated much on virtues with this alt.
    However, to go from having a fun/challenging close fight against a L92 Elite pre-update to getting slaughtered by a L92 Signature post-update, that suggests the "fix" has been too extreme.
    But I think the gear/virtues make all the difference here. 11.5K morale vs 23K, so +100%, it is huge !
    I have mainly crafted cyan gear and instances gear, which are easy to get actually (AH, or even free on GLFF on my main server)
    You can cap easily Phys.Mit to 60% and you can increase Critical Defence to 50%+ with some tanking gear
    With that, 92 or 95 landscape mobs cannot kill me (except Macsen (92), which is a raid warband, difficult to solo)


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