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Thread: Bravo!

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    Just when I thought the developers of this game couldn't get any more clueless they drop this steaming pile on us. I'm embarrassed to play my creeps. Well done Turbine. You finally hit the magic formula to rid yourself of pvmp altogether.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stepbrother View Post
    Just when I thought the developers of this game couldn't get any more clueless they drop this steaming pile on us. I'm embarrassed to play my creeps. Well done Turbine. You finally hit the magic formula to rid yourself of pvmp altogether.
    I don't think it's that bad. I've been creep since HD went live but decided to dust off my hunter today. We're a slower server so I can't speak for the more populated ones, but we did manage to get some kills. Freeps will certainly need to adapt though and adjust their playstyle and incorporate tactics to put healing debuffs on dps targets and put the stun train on defilers (which seems plausible). I am concerned about defiler hots, but will wait a few weeks and see how it goes once freeps acquire first ages to come to a conclusion. I've been creepside since HD, but will likely be playing freep after this update if today was any indication of how the action was going to be. It took a lot of coordination and effort w/ the small group I experimented with today after busting up a GV camp and going up against groups of 7-8 creeps with 3 moderately ranked defilers. We ended up pushing TR and ended up with 3 wls and 5 defilers with some stragglers against a group of 7 freeps and ducked out and took a break after that. I think ultimately it will depend on how many FOTM defilers make an appearance, but I will try to remain optimistic.

    It seems whoever changed defilers looked at them on a balance scale. The defiler was a marble on one side of the scale, and other healing classes were a softball on the other side. It would seem whoever decided to implement the changes, decided to add a bowling ball to the side of the scale with the marble to try to balance out the softball on the other side.

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    Freeps aren't faceroll anymore, everyone panic.

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    Obviously it speaks to the longstanding brokenness of my freep class of choice, but this has been by far the most enjoyable day in the moors for me since at least HD launch.

    I can see where most freep classes aren't going to be nearly as happy as warden's should be though.

    There are a number of adjustments freeps of any class should be making that will make a huge difference in how they perform now, though I haven't seen many freeps adopting them yet.

    That being said of course, I still don't think I'll be able to beat a good weaver with 'proper' corruptions without simply healing them to death. Between TC reflecting every dot regardless of application time, the mits levels they are sitting at, and with them finally having damage I'll have to play like a serious jerk to beat the good ones.

    I'm actually less bothered by the raw HPS defilers are putting out than what the bpe/mits bonuses the class has gotten makes them capable of. I've been able to burn down wargs being healed by Defilers, but things play out more like I'm fighting a tanking class than a loincloth wearing tactical squishy when I actually try to kill the defiler.

    So basically from the perspective of a brokenly OP Warden's perspective, adapt and you'll be fine freeps, though some further tweaks to whats been given in U13 is certainly due (which of course skips the mile long list of needed fixes not related to U13).
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    No lie, I ran into a group of 8 freeps all by my lonesome, killed one, dropped to 12k morale, and a defiler strolls along and full heals me + hots in under 3 seconds flat. Poor freeps hoofed it back to gv. Granted maybe 4 or 5 were scaled, the rest were high ranks. I called it a night when I arrive at gv to find almost 50 creeps camping it. Not only are defilers absolutely ridiculous, this is likely killing all future incentive/enthusiasm for the poor f2pers and lowbies to come into the moors. If I wanted faceroll, I'd roll a mini. However, i'm still interested to see how RvR goes.
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    I got a taste or RvR today and it was quite interesting.

    After being camped at gv most of the day, a few escaped and a 1v1 circle was formed at gta, mostly reavers vs some mid ranked 95's. One this disappeared, and all the creeps were moving off, a freep raid of 10 mostly high ranks (none scaled) rolled in and were held off without much trouble by two defilers until 4 or so dps arrived. The freeps wiped, and the 2 defilers held them at the rez for a short while, until one (me, im sorry to say) got careless and let the other die. the freeps had 4 ops the whole time.

    A little later the same freeps (with a few more minis) met the creeps at sop. it became a heal war, in which 2 defilers and 1 wl eventually won out vs 3 minis and 2 cappys as the dpsers did their work. freeps had 3 ops.

    Once more they met at freep held ly and the 11 or 12 freeps were handily beaten by 6 or 7 creeps. healers were 3 minis and 2 cappies vs 2 defilers and 1 wl. freeps were handily beaten without getting the creeps far below 100% at any time, though they were in freep npcs and had 3 blue outposts. freepraid disbanded after that.

    My opinion: the changes we're what was needed IF there wasn't an increase in the defiler population due to the buffing (at least on silverlode). I have seen so many new and rarely used defilers out today... that's what made these changes perhaps a bit much, and I cant see any scaled freep killing a defiler of any rank.
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    Well, now raid leaders must be fair enough, and don't take 10 defilers for 12 man.
    Nothing has changed. It was before with freep side, when 12 man raid was of 6 mini 3 cappies and 3 DPSes.

    If you see heal stacked craid/fraid - just do the same with your one.
    Things have changed - and we have to adjust for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leopoldio View Post
    If you see heal stacked craid/fraid - just do the same with your one.
    Umm, as a raid leader, I must disagree. If a heal stacked fraid comes out, I'll be stacking dps to get through it. Not like they're gonna kill anything when healstacked with 4-8 creep healers now anyway

    Quote Originally Posted by Leopoldio View Post
    Things have changed - and we have to adjust for them.

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    And not a single tear was shed
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thorandril View Post
    And not a single tear was shed

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