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    Questions about Update 13 and Minstrils

    So I do have a Mini, one level 28. It took me 28 levels to realize that things weren't getting harder as I got higher. I had assumed when I created this character that although the lower levels-Shire/Bree-were easy and I often 1-hit everything in sight, that this was because of the fact that in most MMOs beginner areas are supposed to be easy. I then went out with a friend of mine on a ''rep farming" run in Sanur. He was level 58 and the npcs in that area are around mid 40's if I recall. He's running around 1-2 hitting everything-including aoe attacks! It was at that point I learned from my friend that this is fairly common even for npcs "at level" and that it was something that was supposed to be fixed with Update 13. I stopped playing my Mini and bought Runekeeper, I enjoy a little challenge when I'm playing the game-not that I want things to be impossible. My RK is currently 57 and I haven't touched my Mini-though I had held hopes that Update 13 would rebalance them to make them a little more challenging to play.

    Now I digressed to lead up to this question... Were Minis fixed in Update 13? According to what I saw in the release notes-Hunters' induction skills that weren't usable while moving in Huntsman were fixed (+1 now I can start leveling my level 20ish Huntsman), but minimal changes were listed under the Minstril notes. I was kind of looking forward to new and challenging changes that would interest me in leveling up my Mini-not that I don't really enjoy my RK but I love a 'bard-type class' like DDO's bards. If any devs or someone who plays Mini-once the servers are up-can verify whether they are toned down a little I would appreciate it. I don't log on the Minstril at all anymore and have considered deleting it except for the promise of a rebalance with U13.

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    There are notes about the reduced contribution of main stats, so you should be doing less damage (though I suspect only marginally). Also, you'll likely be taking more damage due to the changes with mitigations.
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    This is an issue for everyone, not just minstrels.

    Physical/Tactical Mastery Rating to % conversion was nerfed, to the order of about 20%.

    Various changes are in U13 to reduce the current state of player characters been ridiculously overpowered, but it's still not "Balanced" as we'd all like.
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