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    I don't think they exist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Radhruin_EU View Post
    I posted some specific examples which was more than you did, oh master of vague generalities. Go on, try to dismiss the FRPG classic "enormous monster in a room too small for it" as being no more absurd than anything else. Same goes for having a ship in a cave with no way for it to have got there. And the latter will forcibly remind a lot of people of the Goonies - apart from the whole hundreds-of-miles-inland howler - because so many people have seen the movie. No man is an island, and this game doesn't exist in isolation, either; we all partake of popular culture and when we see something from it, we can be forcibly reminded of it. Lots of us, all at once.

    The shrew-stomping is another example; by appearances t's largely, err, 'borrowed' from a Robot Chicken skit, 'Weasel Stomping Day'. Special boots and all (bit of a giveaway, really). Now pointing that out is no tinfoil hat theory, it's simply saying "Hey look, Turbine took something from Robot Chicken and stuck it in a game based on LOTR". Now that's something I've not seen before (not even Blizzard have gone with something like that in WoW, so far as I know, and that game's awash with pop-cultural references). So do go on, just try to pretend that's no more absurd than anything else, despite where it's come from. If you do I'll sit here sarcastically singing the song.

    Fantasy comes with a certain base level of absurdity; LOTR has absurdities of its own, if viewed in that light, and then layered on top of that in LOTRO are additional layers of the absurdities inherent in games, plus some specific to FRPGs and MMOs in particular; some from the arguable necessities of hammering LOTR into a funny shape in order to support a game at all and then lastly, there's a layer of Turbine's very own absurdities. And there is where the debate occurs, because those are the ones for which "it's a game" is no blanket excuse, the choices Turbine had a free hand in making and chose... questionably.
    Forcibly remind? (lol) A new low in arguments to be sure. I take responsibility for my thoughts and feelings. I don’t complain or get my conspiracy theories ready every time my brain makes an association. That is what brains do. Just because Tolkien borrowed ideas from those before him does not mean I will delegate him to area 51.

    Let’s see if I have this right. You wish not to be reminded that the game is absurd while you are playing it? Did you also wish to not be reminded that Tolkien’s writings were absurd while you were reading the absurdities?

    Your thoughts and feelings are your own and are produced by your brain. If you have no control over them, that is your concern. Be aware though that not all of us are in the same boat. We don’t all try to shift the responsibility for our thoughts and feelings onto a third party. For some of us, we left that behind somewhere around puberty.

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    Clearly this thread is no longer of value beyond slights directed at other members. Moving on.


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