I have played lotro very intensively for the last three months and finally made it to the end of vol. II in Mirkwood as a premium player. Since I will no longer have time to play in the future, I decided to just go exploring the regions in the east before I put the game to rest. After a long ride from Lothlorien south I got finally killed shortly after crossing the border into West Rohan.

I just want to leave some of my impressions here for other new players:

- the new regions look amazing! It's like a different game. More detailed, better graphics, and the rohan culture looks very interesting and unique.
- and the player is alone. I saw maybe 6 other players in one hour, and that was near prime time on my server (Saturday 11 pm on Evernight).

I can't help thinking that Turbine is wasting an opportunity to sell the game by corralling f2p-players through the old regions, while there is pure gold on the other side of the mountains. It's quite sad really.