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    Looking for a vanilla Lotro kin

    As the title suggest, I'm looking for a kinship that wants to or is already doing vanilla lotro content at the appropriate level thanks to the xp-disabler.

    I've just started playing lotro again after 2y of absence, but from what I've seen and read about the last 2 expansions I'm sadly enough really not interested in playing them.
    However back in SoA I had lots of fun (Moria was also ok, but it did have the LI) and once I saw that they added an xp-disabler I bought it immidiatly.
    My hope it to slowly level while using it on and off and completely stop gaining xp at 50 so we could do some nice on level instances/raids.

    Is there any kin like this around?

    Thanks in advance,

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    necro, but with new info

    Have you found one? If not, Fifty Shades of Angmar are looking to do what you are looking for.



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