I am currently looking for an active pve/pvp kin on brandywine. There are many options out there so i thought i would begin on the forums first to give a little information about myself. I currently run four 95's, an LM, a Runekeeper, a burg and a mini. I have played Lotro since the beginning of RoI and i know that is not very long for a lot of people out there who have been with this game for many years but this is a game i have come to love solely for the community it offers . I am an extremely active player i spend most of my time in game although my peak playing hours are 12 pm central us time zone until around 1-3 am in the morning. With my college classes ending in the middle of April my playtime will be almost doubled in what i can do. I do not mind leading 3-12 man runs or even assisting lower levels if they need it . I have every craft guilded, some multiples and don't mind also helping people get their gear. i also tend to abuse kinship auction houses with consumables i over craft at times when i go overboard lol.

My game play style is solo, grouping, pve, pvmp, raids, endgame etc. I can't say i RP or have ever tried it.

I also have to add that i am not interested in joining a kin that has members that troll any open chat (glff, ooc etc). You know who you are so please do not message my characters.

If you are interested in asking me any questions etc send me a message or tell in game

My characters i am mostly on: (Freepside)

My characters on creepside: