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    CJing You

    Best of the Month

    Here's a list imo of the best creeps/freeps from the month of march/early april


    Hunter: Jangofettin I hate your guts but you're not bad
    Champ: again this is the best of the month list but do to lack of champs it has to go to heper
    Guard: Selcouth talon you're an overall beast
    Rune keeper: inac ofc
    Burg: same occasion as champ, best ones ive seen in a while are Defeated and Saff
    Warden: lol Nim obv I hate u to btw nim <3
    Loremaster: idek bro probably elda has been the only one I've really seen in moors for a while
    Minstrel: I really think Elonol is a really good healer (sorry if I spelled it wrong) and Droker is droker
    Captain: Agla is ok... ofc muzle the great can beat him with 14 aud and without uruk heal but he's the best ive seen in a while

    Defiler:Bobi <3
    Weaver: yall know the answer so why should I even put it down?
    Black Arrow: hate me or love me im the best atm
    Reaver: I think blitzd and Neblaw are to good newcomers and then Glash ofc
    Warleader: Tryharder's been pretty good with them heals as of late
    Warg: ratdawg is a beast as well of parm

    Hopefully I didn't forget any classes, feel free to put your own list/comments on mine -Muzle the Great
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    I'm very flattered to be on this list twice. I think Firuost is a great guardian and deserves the title more than me. Also, Karrma the wargy is a beast, I admit.
    Imladris: Selcouth, Rank 10 Guardian - Merciless. Ratdawg, Rank 9 Warg - Retired for now.
    Elendilmir: Talon, Rank 11 Lore-Master - Riders Of The Apocalypse.

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    best of April - all those redrank spiders with storebought reflect. u guyz RULE! keep up the good work
    argio r11 burglar | trytofarmme r10 reaver | trytoloveme r10 spider | ikissedafreep r10 blackarrow | roargh r9 warleader | trytocatchme r9 warg |

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    imma top that arg...best of april....all the 4-7 defiler raids i see going around. creeps so afraid to hide and defiler so op right now they hug it like a little blankey
    Heinous (Pwnography), Mastadan (Noob), Pwnographic (Squishy), Proctologist (Just ugh)

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    hey creeps and freeps..

    i miss you all..

    thnks also for that place in best players even if i dont have play the last month... im working away from my home and no idea when ill be back..
    probably in 4 months after the summer... but how is the new update? defilers is op? omg... im jealous that i cant play my lovely defiler..

    cheers and have fun in the moors creepies and freepies
    imladris :Bobirinio Def R12, Lykaki Warg R11, Araxnh Weaver r10, Kagkouras Reaver r7, Toksoths BA r7, Bobiras LM R7 landroval: Aelaera Mini R12 , Bobirios Warden R8, Ellhnofreneia weaver r9 Snowbourne: Bobirios Warleader R8



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