This isn't about players, kins, or tribes, just the physical manifestation of the moors.

For me it's the old SoA version. Hot Spots instead of Outposts, cleaning and poisoning the Hoardale actually did something, EC and OC had no walls.

I never cared for the MoM version with Outposts and semi-walled EC and OC.

Today's version just sucks. Every fight turns into a back door camp, I'd rather have the EC/STAB shuffle than that. Auto flipping keeps is a good idea in theory, but it seems rather random. I've seen TR flip 3 times in 15 minutes without enough Creeps and Freeps to flip it once. I do like that you have to kill all 3 NPC's within a certain time period or they respawn. The back door idea might be okay if they were locked on both sides if you didn't own it.