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    Thumbs up Grats Overlord Boshal

    Big GZZZZZZZ to you Boshal. You finally made it to R14, so "only" 1,2 million infamy left

    Keep up the good killing on freeps, now they will fear you even more!!!!

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    Thumbs up Grats Overolord

    Rank 14 must be about hell of a lot patience and skilled fights history. It is a honour to have you on server like Whity, even if we had some argues before. Well deserved. Wish you fast reaching last legendary rank for you, which will only prove you will be always Whity´s legendary most feared warg I personally will remember. Poor freeps. Grats again and enjoy new icon with new skin :P

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    Sep 2011
    GZ Boshal!


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    Jun 2011
    gg m8,keep walking and have fun!
    Krom Of Laurelin.

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    Jun 2011
    Once upon a time a puppy that love grothum questers, he grow and now is R14, but still love the questers.

    Big Gratz m8, good luck on next rank.
    Freeps: Grimek R13 (RK), Hispace R9 (Hunter), Goldfara R8 (Captain), Naifas R6 (Burglar), Minete R6 (Ministrel) and few others
    Creeps: Hormash R10 (BA), Kurlok R7 (Reaver), Inem R7 (Defiler)

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    congratulations Boshal, time to meet some solo freep is forever gone
    WW creeps: Torrin (BA r12), Ungoroth (WVR r7), Garakgul (WRG r7), Dubfat (DEF r7), Kauudauk (WL r5), Mogurk (RVR r6)
    WW freeps: Tornin (RK r7), Valanyar (LM r1) ...etc.

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    Gz boshal, good luck with the last one

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    Dec 2011
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Grats, Boshal, keep eating those freeps!

    -- Bralg
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    I see dead freeple...

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    Big gratz, Boshal, and good luck for the last one!
    Laurelin freeps: Tamien (R8 Warden) - Tanie (R9 Champion) - Tamieth (Hunter) - Tamia (Minstrel) - Challenger of Gothmog
    Laurelin extras: Tamyah (Baby Captain) - Netta (Baby Lore-master) - Yasmint (Cook)
    Laurelin creeps: Tamratz (R9 Warg) - Tambash (R8 Blackarrow)

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    Jun 2011
    Dublin, Ireland
    OMG Boshal get a life ! xD j/k Gratz mate and gl with r15
    Ashdurbuk (RVR) R11 / Grachuk (WL) R8

    " Playing creep is the only difficult challenge in lotro ".



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