normally I would not post in here. I don't care much about getting to Moria anymore tho. so I'll leave my impression of Lotro here. I liked the storys. I liked playing online with my brothers. I liked my guardian. I disliked inspiration. I disliked pvp. I disliked how the number of bugs has grown. I hated how many bugs were ignored. I hated the massive game changes like need radiance, then don't need radiance. add finesse. cap this, then uncap it again. change character traits. make character traits incomprehensible. I hate mounted combat which is so laggy. finally, I realize I am not looking forward to more flip on my head game changes which are not coming anyway it seems. I only play now when I'm really bored. I had a lot of fun for sure at times. If I could change anything in this game, it would be trash it and start over again, which I will not start over again if you follow. Thanks tho, for all the great people I met thru the years.