Since we already have best in their class thread, I was thinking we should start a "most improved" thread.

This is my list of the most improved players for their classes in PvP since I started


Burg: Haldalas. Was really nubbish to start, but ended up being great. Xunnang got way better too
Hunter: Welth. He was kinda nubbish when he started out (when I was like r7 lol), but he's turned into one of the best the server ever had, Norvard has come a long way as well
Captain: I'd say either Bromton or Xardas. I played with Xardas back in RoI and he's gotten so much better since
Guard: I remember Gaultz getting good, but I'll just say Dwadler (no other guard comes to mind)
Champ: Damallon has turned into a beast
RK: Kraumbro turned into an amazing healer
Warden: Evo turned into one of the server's best, Altaiir as well
LM: Zub turned into an amazing LM, haven't noticed any recently
Mini: Uwish without a doubt


Defiler: Orcbooty, such a healing machine
BA: Blackbroadhead, he's been around such a long time
Reaver: Jasiak, turned into perhaps the servers best
WL: Muzin and Garth, I didn't like Garth at first but he convinced me
Warg: Rasherbat, or Evogash
Weaver: Goruthul