Hello people,

I have recently returned to LotRO after a long break, and decided to go to the Laurelin server and get more involved in RP. My level is low at the moment, but I'm prepared to level more if required.

Right now I am looking for one or two elves and one Man.



Class preferred to be Hunter or Lore-master but not required. Genders not preferred. So basically, I made an Elf Lore-master called Kadhiel, who is a Wood Elf of Mirkwood, who abandoned the Greenwood and sneaked off when the Necromancer came to his dark fortress of Dol Guldur. The idea is that she would have a friend (I can accept up to two) who came with her and travelled the world beyond what was formerly the Greenwood to escape from the danger and remain there until the dangers have passed. The idea is that even after word got around that the White Council had driven out the Necromancer, Kadhiel and her friends had grown too much of a love for the outside world that they choose to remain travellers. They had grown to love Middle-earth and Arda far too much.


Any class. Must be male. This Man would be a merchant of some sort, that might be seen in and around Bree and the Bree-lands. Basically not much else information is decided as I don't want to limit you in making your characters' backgrounds, but somehow he may possess tomes of knowledge that are precious to Kadhiel...

A bit about Kadhiel's personality - she is very cautious, but if you get her trust, she can be very friendly and warm towards friends. She loves animals, nature and discovering ancient knowledge. She has some skills that some would call "magic", but it's rather subtle and mostly nature-based, and she isn't anything extraordinary. She only really uses her skills in great need as she finds it a waste of time using it a lot of the time.


Right now, I have about next to NO backstory whatsoever, but I want to leave it as open as I could so we could talk together and converse about the thing. Due to the fact I have little backstory, I have avoided RP on Kadhiel until I have a full character in mind and with a good idea of what the hell I actually want, so to speak. lol

Now, I know most of you will have gotten characters who you have gotten backgrounds for, and hence you can't weave Kadhiel into your characters' story and that's fine. Basically I am looking for people who could manage to pull off this role or make a new character. I won't hold a grudge cause you can't help or you aren't willing to make a new character. :P

However, should the background issue prove too much of an issue and you would like it to be more specified, just ask away.