Now before anyone panics, don't worry, this isn't a creep hater post. This is a legitimate concern that many people are frustrated with. Just flat out, the reaver impale is too OP. After going from 86% health to zero with just impale, I think there are some issues. Now I know there are a few elements that factor into that, so to answer those; Yes, the OPs were even, Yes, I have full audacity, capped mits, etc. I've watched it happen to other people too. After a few preliminary hits, it's a virtual oneshot kill. If it were just me, I would think maybe I was just a bad minstrel, but I've had it happen to full audacity champs, hunters, other minstrels in my group. There isn't a single thing anyone can do about it. It's 70 or 80% then just dead. Now I know there's the whole "freeps are OP too" scenario, and yes, I'd be the first to say that minstrel heals are somewhat ridiculous, but honestly...none of us can oneshot a creep with full audacity.

So basically, the question is this: @Turbine, can you please stop wasting time running your stupid hobbits to Isengard and tweak a few of the skills so they're a bit more realistic with the damage output, please? It would be much appreciated.