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    Music of LotR - Radio City

    Hey all!

    I was just wondering if anybody else had been to Radio City Music Hall in NYC for the Lord of the Rings in concert events? I went when the Fellowship of the Ring was there in 2009 I think it was. It was AWESOME! The movie played on a big screen in HD while an orchestra (can't remember which now) played all the music beautifully to it.

    I missed the Two Towers one but wanted to try and make it to the RotK showing. Sadly, I haven't heard anything The website (http://www.theradiocitylotrconcert.com) says coming in 2012....so clearly that didn't happen. Just wanted to see if anyone else knew anything about it or if there was going to be one. Also if they had gone to see the music-movie showing in another city, I know they do them all over the world now. Would love to hear your thoughts!


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    I went to the same concert... I had won the art contest and my art was on the screens beside the theatre before the show.

    The FOTR symphony has travelled around the world over the last few years, but unfortunately it seems that they disappeared in 2012. The conductor of the live music to film for those is Ludwig Wicki, and the most up to date news I was able to find on him was him playing Star Trek Into Darkness live: http://www.startrek.com/article/star...oncert-in-2014

    He and his symphony play many movies live to the films, it seems. I do not know if he will do LOTR again, or if he'll ever do ROTK. He does not seem to have a website of his own oddly enough.

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    Ludwig Wicki that's right! Wow, that's incredible about your work, how cool! Mhm, I hadn't heard anything either. I mean I guess there are other orchestras that are performing the music now. Do you know if any of them have don the RotK? or have they maybe not got there yet? In any case, I'd love to go!!

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    I was at both,...and gave up looking for news of the Return of the King. Dunno what happend,..they did it in other places,..just not here in NYC.

    anyways,.it is amazing to experience!

    here is a little vid I took of the FellowShip one.,..


    Maybe they'll do a Hobbit? hmmmm



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